Tuesday 3 August 2021


 Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences (FoHS), SIU has been invited at PATHOS Event ‘THE WEDNESDAY TALK SHOW’ as per the following schedule:

Day & Date: Wednesday, 04th August 2021
Session Timing: - 06.00 PM Sweden Time & 09.30 PM Indian Time
Session Link: Join LIVE on PATHOS EVENTS Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Pothoseventsadmin/

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean FOHS, SIU was invited as the Chief Guest for 88th Anniversary & Foundation Day Ceremony of Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal's Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune

 #Proudmoment #SIHS Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean FOHS, SIU was invited as the Chief Guest for 88th Anniversary & Foundation Day Ceremony of Rashtriya Shikshan Mandal's Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune on Wednesday, 26th June 2021.

Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya is first and the oldest 'AYURVEDA MAHAVIDYALAYA' in Pune was established on 26th June 1933 in the "swadeshi movement" and by the inspiration of
"Lokmanya Balgangadhar Tilak" by, the then stalwarts Late Vaidya Puru

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Glimpses of MBA (HHM) life at SIHS @Lavale campus..


Serene beauty of SIHS Lavale campus ...


Welcome MBA (HHM)Batch 21-23 !!! E Induction programme


8th June 2021

The induction program for MBA (HHM) batch 2021-23 began on 8th June 21 in an online mode.             Dr. Meenal Kulkarni & Dr. Prakash Kalke as host faculty conducted the inaugural session

Listed below are the brief sequence of events and its contents.

TIME: 9 AM TO 9:25 AM –




MBA faculty members introduced themselves. Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Director, SIHS. Dean of symbiosis institute of health science addressed the students and elaborated on the course and highlighted the key roles of management aspects along with a warm welcome to the first year students. The address was inaugurated with a highly engaging story of a boy and a sage, the conclusion being that the individual is responsible for his or her own destiny and future. Sir also gave 10 commandments, which laid the foundation and set the tone for the event as well as the two-year journey of MBA (HHM)




·         Next session was 'Knowing, Doing, Being' which was addressed by faculty members which covered following points by faculty members i.e. what MBA is all about: what to expect? - Prof. Ankit Singh, Rules and Regulation-Academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular – Dr. Meenal Kulkarni, Emphasis on online mode of learning- Dr. Roopashree MR, Assessments, class attendance, Discipline- Prof- Neha Ahire, Student committee at SIHS- Dr. Prakash Kalke, Candid Study Tips and more..- Dr. Shrikrishna Dhale.

·         The session was focusd on giving a brief overview of what to expect from MBA(HHM) programme and to prepare the mindset of the students for the same.



·         After a fruitful and cheerful session, it was followed by e-lighting of the lamp which is symbolic as well as significant. The E lighting ceremony of the lamp was done to mark the beginning of the new academic batch 21-23.


SESSION 1 - TIME 11:45 AM TO 12:15 PM

·         GUEST OF HONOR-  Mr. Nitin Deshpande, President, Evolent Health International 

Ø  Introduced gathering to the global health challenges

Ø   Enlightened gathering with the global IT trends like, mobile health, telehealth, information clarity.

Ø  The advantages of new age diagnostic, and treatment procedures and how India is evolving.

Ø  Mr. Deshpande inspired us to learn more about the upcoming technology advancements and the disruption it will cause in the healthcare industry.

Ø  It was very exciting to listen to all trends and latest developments.


SESSION 2 - TIME 12:15 PM TO 1:00 PM -

GUEST SPEAKER - Mr. Mayank Anand, Vice President, GSK Global

Ø  Introduction on the qualities that one needs while working for an organization

Ø  We got to know about the current scenario in pharmaceutical industry. The scope that this field is offering. Sir also speaks about facing change is important and innovation is necessary to be in competition and for survival of organization.

Ø  He explained about importance of We over I. Sir also explained about D & I (diversity & inclusion) advocacy.

Ø  His parting words were again focused on importance of people over any other thing and treating them as true assests.



SESSION 3 - TIME 1:00 PM TO 1:40 PM -

GUEST SPEAKER - Dr. Santosh Shetty, CEO, KDAH

Ø  Introduction on hospital and healthcare management, challenges faced especially during this pandemic, and how one can manage situations like these.

Ø  How the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani hospital was able to withstand pandemic challenges and how the hospital manages deliver quality healthcare to every patient coming to the hospital.

Ø  Dr. Shetty in very simple words made us understand the nuances of hospital administration right from the roles & responsibilities, the departments and the skill sets that one should develop to be an able administrator.


The aim of post lunch session was to give exposure to the inductees about the various areas and overview of major healthcare verticals from established Alumni in the field.

It had four sections- Hospitals, Insurance, IT and Pharmaceuticals.


SESSION 1 - TIME 2:15PM TO 2:45 PM

1.       Guest Speaker - Dr. Akhila Nayak

2.       Topic of Discussion - “AN OVERVIEW OF OPPORTUNITIES IN HEALTHCARE”- Hospital Perspective

Ø  Dr Akhila gave us an overview on the opportunities in the hospital field. After that she informed student about various job titles and roles in healthcare and the work nature of each role. Lastly, she gave students a basic idea about what are expected out of a hospital administrator.




SESSION 2 - TIME 2:45PM TO 3:15 PM

1.       Guest Speaker - Dr. Vishal Walke

2.       Topic of Discussion - “AN OVERVIEW OF OPPORTUNITIES IN HEALTHCARE”- Insurance  Perspective

Ø  Dr Vishal told students about the opportunities in an insurance sector. He explained about the growth of health insurance in India and also about opportunities for individual in growing health insurance market. He explained about group policies and fraud cases. He concluded that one can eventually have his or her own insurance company if work towards right direction.










SESSION 3 - TIME 3:30PM TO 4:00 PM

Guest Speaker - Dr. Sayalee Pawar


Dr Sayalee gave introduction on healthcare IT, what is comprises of, growth promoters. Benefits of digital marketing transformation. She also explained about What is HIPAA? And its importance in IT. She concluded her talk by explaining about evolving dynamics of digital health and opportunities in IT sector for Healthcare manager.


SESSION 3 - TIM4:00PM TO 4:30 PM

Guest Speaker - Dr Krutika Shetye

Topic of Discussion - “AN OVERVIEW OF OPPORTUNITIES IN HEALTHCARE”- Pharma Perspective

Dr. Krutika make students aware about opportunities in pharmaceutical industry, HR functions- Recruitment which includes talent acquisition- sourcing and screening profiles from diff channels, HR Business partner- employee life cycle- voluntary / involuntary entry exit and their work quality and industrial issues, cases filed by the employee. She also talk about HR operations- it is not only clerical or excel part, also includes skilled at knowing various formulas and laws like maternity law, leave laws etc. She share her experience about her jobs profile at Pharma sector which includes Managing quality dept, managing analysis dept, managing sales department

She ended her talk with a note that this sector has a huge scope but experience as well as very good knowledge is required about the basic issues of pharma sector.


The whole day was a very enlightening. Students have to know many new things about the challenges that life has to offer us and how to deal with them. They were acquainted with opportunities and challenges about different healthcare sectors mainly from stalwarts of industry and from alumni of SIHS.



Wednesday 5 August 2020

E-Induction Programme Report MBA-HHM Batch of 2020-22

Day 1

On 16th July, i.e the 1st day of the week long Induction, 2020 was conducted in online mode because of the unprecedented times. The inaugural and welcome speech was delivered Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean of Faculty of health sciences, he elaborated on the course and highlighted the key roles of management aspects along with a warm welcome to the first year students. The address covered a engaging story of a boy and a sage, concluding that the individual is responsible for his or her own destiny and future.


After a fruitful and cheerful session, e-lighting ceremony was conducted.

Next session was 'Knowing, Doing, Being' which was addressed by faculty member which covered four points i.e. detailed information about the program: Rules and Regulation, Online mode of learning, Student committee Assessment

MBA faculties shared the vision and objectives of the respective committees and to introduce major events organized by these cells in the institute. They motivated the students to become the member of the committee, explaining the advantages, giving students an insight into extracurricular and co-curricular activities that take place in the institute throughout the academic year.

The guest of honor for the inaugural session were -

Mr. Vikrant Shrotriya, Managing Director and Corporate Vice President, Novo Nordisk India Pvt Ltd, the guest of honour, highlighted the work skills that are essential with respect to the industry. He advised students to focus on what they want and taking up the risk and working on it. He gave insights about life at a campus from a day 1 till the last day. He spoke about the ambitions the students need to have to achieve a certain goal and while doing that, every decision and risk we take comes with the accountability. As our course offers a vast scope for a work life, we need to be flexible and very importantly Ethical.

Mr. Nikhel Goel, General Manager Carestream health India cluster including neighbouring countries mentioned the importance of having a good network because whatever network you create will be the biggest strength in the upcoming years. He talked about 4 A’s of healthcare Access, Adoption, Awareness and Affordability. He also discussed about variations while selecting the various opportunities while choosing career options. Furthermore, he elaborated on the 5P’s that govern the healthcare consisting of patients, physicians, providers, prayers and policy makers.


The session was concluded with a vote of thanks followed by an activity session by Ms. Abhishri Rajput which included the experience of relaxing your mind and body through yoga.

After the lunch break Dr. Abhay Saraf, Director of Symbiosis School of Open & Distance learning and head of SCOPE spoke about Symbiosis Community Outreach Program Extension (SCOPE) that renders promotive, preventive and curative services.

The next session was on overview of opportunities in healthcare by alumni.

Dr. Sonal Dixit who spoke about the job profile in this sector as well as mentioned to have a fine balance between medical ethics and Revenue Generation (Business). Healthcare system are challenged by lack of investment, high mortality rate, increasing cost of medicine, supply constraints, shift focus and unfinished agenda of 3rd world.

IT perspective by Dr. Sandeep Sable who enlightened about the Clinical Transformation Manager and his journey from MBA to clinical transformation manager.

Pharmaceutical perspective by Dr. Mihir Gharia who wonderfully explained us about the pharmaceutic global and Indian perspective. What are the advances in types of drugs with examples. He offered insights on various developments in pharma- Artificial intelligence, block chain etc.

Health insurance by Mr. Prashant Ghatge who gave insight of insurance where he covered about the risk, peril and hazards. He spoke about some health plans which consists of indemnity and benefits.

Day 2

 Introductory session:

 Followed by brief introduction about themselves was given by the faculty members such as Dr. Meenal Kulkarni, Professor Neha Ahire, Dr. Roopashree, Dr. Prakash Kalke, Dr. Shrikrishna Dhalke, Dr. Jagadesha Marigunda, Dr. Vivek Chaudhari, Dr. Dharmendra Dubey, Professor Prerna Dongre and Professor Ankit Singh.

Addressing session:

 In the next session students were addressed by Dr. Sammita Jadhav who is Deputy Director of Symbiosis Health Institute of Health Sciences. Dr. Sammita Jadhav gave students deep insight into program objective, curriculum details, and value added courses, enrichment by co-curricular activities, and focuses on research at SIHS, pedagogies and evaluation.

“The main objective of teaching is not to give explanations, but to knock at the doors of the mind” The session was followed by Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal deputy librarian at Symbiosis University. Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal gave overview of library functioning and online databases available as well as the resources available for reference at library. Link for Library Portal: https://www.library.siu.edu.in/index.php 

About industry connect:

The students were then addressed by Ms. Devika Shetty (Head of Training and placements) who gave insights about the placement cell. Ms. Devika Shetty wonderfully came out to be a great motivational speaker.

Gender sensitization:

This session was addressed by Ms. Renuka Mukadam. She clarified the concepts of gender equality, difference in sex and gender and the and personal boundaries and comfort zone. She discussed sexual harassment in depth. Moreover, she summarized the SIU policies pertaining to that.

This was followed by 10 minutes activity session and lunch break.

 Post lunch break various speakers gave in-depth knowledge on various healthcare topics along with their motivational speech which eventually boost the confidence of SIHS students.

Educational speakers:

 The session was started by Ms. Ekta Modi who is Chief Operating Officer in Parul Sevashram Hospital who beautifully explained the concept of training front line staff in hospital and health care sector. These trainings helps them to be organized and is role-specific for the departments. The induction training to high level trainings are conducted and its implementation with innovative understanding is important. She introduced the C2C model that implies chairman to chaprasi flow of all the work prospects.

Followed by Dr. Chirag who was alumni of SIHS. He gave students vast knowledge on Quality and process improvisation. He explained how a patient and an organization behaves as stakeholders in regards to the legal lawsuits and insurance disputes, Patient dissatisfaction, Higher cost and losses, and Brand credibility. Simply quality means do the right thing to the right person at the right time.

Dr. Kedar Raiker who is State Nodal Officer of Non-Communicable  Diseases  Control Programme Goa explained on networking and collaboration in health care sector. The collaborations are more participative, implies commitments, Economizes efforts, Improves quality and work professionalism, Avoid duplication and wastage, Optimizes output, Accountability, Infrastructure development, Service delivery at the grass-root level and the needy and education and behavioural change communication.

The day ended with Dr. Shyama Nagarajan lecture who is Managing Director at Saha Manthram, Pvt.Ltd who gave in-depth knowledge on Operational aspects in health care. She spoke about the uniqueness of healthcare sectors. Ma’am explained the evolution of healthcare from the Vedic era to Robotics. She explained the Public health sector taking into account the health delivery system from the primary health center to sub-center to the village levels.


Day 3


 Speaker: - Dr. Amit Murarka

 Topic: -    Opportunities in Healthcare Consultancy – Newer Trends


Dr. Amit Murarka started his lecture by briefly explaining about the dimensions of healthcare consulting. He talked about how a dynamic and challenging career is offered by healthcare consulting and which skills are required to be a good healthcare consultant. We were explained about how being a healthcare consultant is a long career journey and the session ended with him talking about newer trends in the field of healthcare consulting.


Speaker: - Mr. Nikhil Mohanan 

Topic: - New dimensions in Healthcare Consultancy- Strategic Approach

This wonderful session started with Mr. Nikhil Mohanan explaining the healthcare landscape in US v/s India. We were given an insight into what kind of services healthcare consultancy firms provide and about different types of healthcare consultancy firms. The best part of the session was when he gave excellent tips about how to approach challenging situations and prepare ourselves for a career in healthcare consulting.

After the initial 2 sessions, one batch was directed to give their online ELTIS test while the other batch was asked to study pre-induction material.

After the ELTIS test concluded, the host had arranged a short COVID 19 awareness quiz for all students. As a part of Day 3’s activity session, we performed certain Pranayam techniques demonstrated by Abhishri Ma’am which helped to reduce anxiety.


 Speaker: - Daniel Henry

 Topic: -     Key to Professional Success after MBA

This highly motivating session began with Mr. Henry sharing with us the ideas of professional success. We were urged to get out of our comfort zones and motivated to be a leader. He stressed on how continuous introspection and improvement is important to be a good leader. We were explained about how having a strong foundation and being authentic helps to make a mark.


 Speaker: - Dr. Mahesh Burande

 Topic: -     Overview of Pharma Industry


Dr. Burande threw light on how Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the best globally. We were told about various entrepreneurship as well as job opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry. He touched upon the turnover of pharma industry and the top 15 Indian pharmaceutical companies. We were inspired when he shared stories of some common but determined people who started as small players but are now the big shots of the pharma industry.


 Speaker: - Dr. Bhupinder Singh Bhoop

 Topic: -    Pharma Industry – Evolution to Revolution

 For us, this session was a tour through the multifaceted Indian pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Bhupinder Singh Bhoop showed us how the focus of industry has shifted towards Research and Development (R&D) and also the challenges industry is facing due to COVID crisis and from other countries. Most importantly he talked about newer horizons like Nanotechnology, 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence that are a way ahead for the pharma industry. We learnt an important thing while he talked about nanotechnology that – “Small things make big difference.”



Speaker: - Dr. Shirish Dhande

Topic: -    Pharma Industry – Pre & Post COVID 19

Dr. Shirish Dhande’s session put us all through the reality. He showed us the impact of COVID 19 on global economy and then added that the negative impact is not only limited to economical aspect but also to social and behavioural aspects. Though pharma industry has also registered a negative growth, it is the only industry that is recession free. He told us how post COVID 19 crisis, new opportunities will be available for us as new talent will be needed.

Day 4


 Speaker: - Ms. Tanima Debmallik

 Topic: -    Information Technology in Healthcare Delivery

Ms. Tanima Debmallik is a SIHS alumnus and she started her session with a motivating quote. We came to know about the Pillars (important aspects) of IT in healthcare delivery through different case scenarios. She talked about various trends in healthcare IT, how quickly they are picking up pace and how we have plenty of opportunities to bring innovative solutions using them. At last we learnt how “Data is the new diamond.”


 Speaker: - Dr. Chetan Dubey

 Topic: -     Emerging role of Medical Devices in Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Dubey started his lecture by talking about global and Indian medical device market and their growth predictions. He discussed about the factors influencing Indian medical device industry. We had an overview of healthcare delivery system, goals of and innovation in healthcare delivery system. He threw light on challenges faced by different segments of healthcare industry and how we can transform them into career opportunities for ourselves. He also discussed how Indian medical device industry needs to update with latest devices in order to meet the upcoming demands.


 Speaker: - Dr. Gautam Wankhede

 Topic: -     Diagnostics – Development of Indigenous COVID-19 Detection Kits


We were very fortunate to attend a lecture by Dr. Gautam Wankhede, director of Mylab, Pune which is the first Indian company to develop indigenous COVID-19 detection kits. He talked about the broad spectrum of diagnostic kits development and how we should not focus on any one disease, rather we should focus on becoming self-reliant in field of diagnostic kits development and be prepared before hand for any disease outbreak. He took us on a virtual tour of Mylab’s journey in development of COVID-19 test kits. We were explained as to how regulatory licenses, production scale, distribution and logistics are important aspects for a diagnostic materials manufacturing company.


 Speaker: - Dr. Sonia Basu

 Topic: -     Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

We came to know about the dynamics of healthcare in India with Dr. Sonia Basu. Her journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur which she shared with us, is very inspiring. We looked at the factors shaping an entrepreneurial ecosystem, sources of funding for an aspiring entrepreneur and the hurdles one has to cross in healthcare entrepreneurship. She spoke about India being the growing hub of healthcare start-ups.

After 4 sessions, we had an activity session planned. On Day 4, we learnt about certain asanas (body postures) that can be performed while sitting on a chair. These asanas relax the body muscles and are important since most of us are confined in front of screen nowadays with little physical activity.


 Speaker: - Ms. Mary Abraham

 Topic: -    Importance of Health Insurance and present state of Health Insurance in India

Ms. Mary Abraham began by saying that Insurance is a risk management mechanism. She explained the concept of an insurance. She enlisted types of health insurance plans and gave a brief explanation about all of them. We learnt about working of health insurance, cashless facility and reimbursement policies. We also saw benefits of health insurance and impediments of the same. She also gave steps for correcting the impediments. She ended her lecture by talking about the largest health insurance scheme launched by India in the form of Ayushmann Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY).


 Speaker: - Dr. Sheeraj Deshpande

 Topic: -    Opportunities in Health Insurance

Dr. Sheeraj Deshpande talked about evolution of health insurance policies in India over the years. We learnt about the different services offered by health insurance firms and the current scenario of healthcare financing and insurance in India. He gave his insight on how health insurance is an individual responsibility that helps to maintain the quality of life in case of a severe medical condition where the hospital expenses can push a person into poverty. He explained how health insurance is the fastest growing sector with plenty of opportunities for us.


Speaker: - Mr. Bhaskar Nerurkar

Topic: -    Technology in Health Insurance

Mr. Bhaskar Nerurkar started off on a lighter note by briefly explaining health insurance in general. He explained insurance database and showed technology solutions used in health insurance. We were shown various case scenarios where frauds can be committed in health insurance. He discussed how the use of technology is rising to detect and prevent health insurance frauds.

Day 5

21st July was the fifth day of the induction week. The Bridge course assessment test link was shared with us by Prof. Ankit. This was one hour long. It was a 50 MCQ questionnaire each having two points.

The session begins with Dr.Sandeep Salvi, Director, Pulmocare Research, and Education (PURE) Foundation, Pune. He enlightens very interestingly on “Why to do Research?” According to him, a rightly asked question will lead to the right direction, taking the right way to its answer. In every unanswered question, there lies the root of discovery. The important factor is the determination of the proper question to ask.

The next session was taken by Dr. Urvashi Rathod, professor, and director, SCRI, Pune. Ma’am talked about research at SIU. Ma’am explained about R & D mandate of SIU. The Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI) facilitate institutional research by building capacity and capabilities, setting standards, and managing activities and operations. Ma’am briefed on the research in healthcare which serves with purpose to reduce the burden of disease and to promote the health and well-being of the people.

Then was relaxation and stretching activity sessions of yoga taken by Abhishree ma’am. The ten minutes session fosters physical and mental health. Then lunch break.

The session resumed back with the deliberation by Dr. Deepak Tatpuje, Head – Research Projects, SCRI, Pune. He touched upon various issues related to funding and research.

Next session was done by Dr. Yogesh B. Patil, Professor, and head- Research and publications, SCRI, Pune. He talked about three broad components of the research cycle, those are research problems, publications, and research in action.

The next sessions were by Dr. Sandheep Sugathan, associate professor in community medicine, Perak. His first session was on Statistical application in publication. Sir discussed the importance of statistics in the publication of Public health. This knowledge is required to critically evaluate the application of statistical analysis, presentation of statistical analysis, and interpretation of statistical analysis in public health studies.

Continuing, Sir took the second session on the topic, Research opportunities in Public Health. He started by discussing the objectives of public health and research as it proposes interventions and policies based on scientific evidence to help improve health and well-being and reduce health inequalities.

The day as a whole was focusing on the research and its prospects for healthcare. There are opportunities in research and it depends on how one utilizes that. The Symbiosis International University, Pune supports the students with great ideas for research, and the faculty also provide continuous support. The whole day was indeed a success with great deliberations and knowledgeable interactive discussions.

Day 6

22nd July was the sixth and the last day of the induction programme for the MBA HHM students. 

Session 1

Speaker: Prof.Dr. Asoke K Talukder, Chief Science Technology Officer at Sobha Renaissance Information Technology Pvt Ltd.

Topic: Digital Transformation in Healthcare.

Dr. Asoke is a polymath. He is a physicist by training, computer scientist by choice and health scientist by passion. Dr. Asoke gave students deep insights into digital transformation of health care. Various topics like Robotics, Cobotics in health care and surgery, Disease burden in India, Cost of health care in India, Sensors, Internet of things, Cyber physical systems, etc were explained during the session.

Session 2

Speaker: Dr. Keerti Bhushan Pradhan, Senior Health Care Advisor. Topic: Emerging dimensions of healthcare delivery.

Dr. Keerti covered many aspects of healthcare during his session. Deep insights on Indian healthcare delivery system, Indian Medical Tourism, Trends in Health care, changing demographics in healthcare, etc were elaborated during the session.

Session 3

Speaker: Mr. Raheel Ahmed, Deputy Manager- Marketing Biocon Ltd.

 Topic: Understanding training and skill set requirement.

Mr. Raheel explained various factors which are required for skill development apart from bookish knowledge. He emphasized on Communication skills, Problem solving skills, Leadership quality, Honesty, flexibility, work ethic, and knowledge beyond textbook. Mr. Raheel also emphasized on skills which may be useful for future perspective which are as follows:


“Learning a new gig is like being ready for YOUR FUTURE!”

Session 4

Speaker: Ms. Nithya Kalayani-Head HR, M. S. Ramaiah Memorial Hospital Topic: Career pathway and Talent Management in Healthcare. Ms. Nithya Kalayani gave deep insights into talent management and strategic manpower planning. Also emphasized on a road map of how employees can progress inti an organization.

The session was then followed by activity session and lunch break. Post lunch break ELTIS test was conducted for Batch B students.

ELTIS test consisted of 9 sections Section 1: Instructions. Section 2-7:5 MCQ each. Section 8-9: Writing section.

ELTIS test was followed by Brand Quiz conducted by – Dr. Shrikrishna Dhale. Various logo of companies were included in brand quiz which was supposed to be identified by students.

The day ended with Golden Jubilee lecture by Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, FRS, National Research professor.

Topic: Reimagining and Reinventing Post COVID India.

It was pleasure listening to Dr. Mashelkar giving deep insights to all of the students of symbiosis. 



The total involvement of Faculties actively engrossed in various responsibilities of induction programme. Students were made aware about multidisciplinary areas and their developments and developed ability to transcend the subjective knowledge on various aspects of healthcare. E-induction program was successfully completed under the guidance of faculty members.

“Good teaching learning process are at the heart of good education”