Tuesday, 19 June 2018


Inauguration of MBA HHM 2018-2020

Day 1: 5th June 2018

The bright morning started with a gathering of students and parents at VISHWABHAVAN AUDITORIUM. Our respected dignitaries arrived at 10 AM. The starting address was given by Dr RAJIV YERAVDEKAR  who welcomed  all the students of MBA HHM 1st year and their families to the Symbiosis family.  He discussed in detail all the activities that the students would be executing for the next two years at SIHS  related to academics and work commitments.
The address was followed by E -  lamp lighting ceremony, a symbol of the light which acts as a guide, keeping us from stumbling in the dark.
The second address was delivered by Dr RAJANI GUPTE, Vice Chancellor SIU. She warmly welcomed all the students and parents with an optimistic vision of building a bright future at Symbiosis.  She emphasised on the interdisciplinary approach adopted at SIU that is required for the comprehensive development of every student.

The third address was delivered by Dr VIDYA YERAVDEKAR,  Pro Chancellor SIU. She congratulated all the students for making it into Symbiosis. She highlighted all the opportunities that students can have in SIU with respect to academics, experienced faculty and comprehensive personality development learning programmes. She also encouraged the students to interact with international students as well in order to expand our framework of learning.

The fourth address was delivered by our respected Chief guest Dr Nagendra Swamy,  CEO Manipal Hospital. Sir shared his learning experience with respect to the health care industry and also the excellent work Symbiosis Institute Of Health Sciences has been doing since its establishment.

The next event was an address by Dr RAJIV YERAVDEKAR. He gave an overview of the course, various fields associated with it, the faculty involved with SIHS and the social and extra activities conducted by SIU students. We also got an insight of various health related activities that SIU is involved in, like SYMBIOSIS COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMME EXECUTION (SCOPE)  and MOBILE MEDICAL UNIT ( MMU). He also discussed the protocol to be followed by the students with respect to discipline, academics and other concerned activities.

The last address of the day was done by our Chief Guest Dr NAGENDRA SWAMY, CEO Manipal Hospital.  He was kind enough to share his experience of more than thirty five years  in the health care industry. He discussed the present scenario of the health care sector in India and how private health services are climbing the ladders of success in terms of qualitative patient satisfaction. He also discussed the various challenges the health care sector is facing and how MBA HHM managers can build their career in this noble profession. It was an interactive session as some of the students put forward their questions related to Healthcare Management.

day 2: June 6th 2018

For the second day of our induction, the faculty members had planned a tour of the S.B. Road campus of Symbiosis university.

The students were seated in the auditorium at the museum and showed a short film about the foundation of the Symbiosis University by our founder Shri. S.B Mujumdar. Next, they were shown a short film on the life of Baba Saheb Ambedkar.
Thereafter, students were taken to visit the museum where all of Ambedkar’s works were displayed beautifully. These items have been donated by his wife for the museum.

For the next part of their tour, students were taken to the Vishwabhavan.
Students were then taken to the Afro-Asian museum which is situated below the Vishwabhavan. In this museum, there are huge boards of various countries of Africa and Asia depicting their flag, their brief history, languages spoken, staple food, cultural folk dances, attire, etc.

DAY 3: June 7th 2018
On this particular day, for the first lecture, the students were addressed by the Director, SCHC /Sports facilities at SIU by Nayana Nimkar and Director SSSS/ Ms. Shweta Sharma who is the head at Recreation and Wellness Centre. They were given a brief introduction of the different kinds of sports facilities that the students can avail on the campus at Lavale, which includes the gymnasium, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis court etc. They also explained to the students about different kinds of events held at Symbiosis University related to the field of sports. The students were also informed regarding SYMBIFIT, one of the most important events organised by SIU that thousands of individuals participate in and showcase their talent. Ms. Shweta Sharma emphasised the need for fitness, giving them an overview on the entire facilities which that can be availed.
The next speaker, Dr. Chirag, alumni of SIHS addressed us about different opportunities in healthcare industry. He spoke about Clove Dental which deals with dental services, with branches in Pune and other states all over India. He explained the qualities that are required to become a good manager and how to develop managerial skills. He stressed on the fact that service is based on the key principles of integrity, respect and trust. Dr Chirag explained to the students that maintaining a high standard of patient service is crucial in the making of a healthcare business.
Day 4: June 8th 2018
The 4th day of Induction had guest lectures on various important verticals of Health Administration i.e., Healthcare IT, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Health Insurance. In addition to this, there were few introductory lectures on National Public Health Programmes, Immunity, Research Methodology, Human resources.

1st Lecture: 9:00 am to 9:45 am
TOPIC- IT in Healthcare Delivery - By Ms Snehal Bajaj
The Day opened with an insight into a very booming vertical of Healthcare i.e., Healthcare IT given by Ms Snehal Bajaj. An alumni of SIHS, she is a product owner at Cognizant. She discussed in brief about how the IT companies work to improve and fasten the daily functioning of Hospitals through technology. 
2nd Lecture- 11:00 to 11.45am
TOPIC- Emergency Roles of Medical Devices in Healthcare Delivery

Medical device industry has witnessed a double digit growth in recent years and this growth trajectory is expected to continue due to rising incidence of chronic diseases, increased urbanization and a growing elderly population. In this lecture we learned about the emerging  role of medical devices in healthcare delivery by Shivani Sule Regional Manager, Konica Minolta Healthcare India Pvt.Ltd
TOPIC- Overview of Pharmaceutical Industry
Speaker: Mr. Tony Fernandez (Fernandez Brothers Pharmaceutical Distributor)
TOPIC- Overview of Health Insurance Industries- By Dr. Rohini Kulur
Dr. Rohini Kulur is an MBBS graduate and alumni of SIHS. She is presently working with Bajaj Alliance. She gave us a synopsis of what a Health Insurance company is all about and also took us through the general enumerations of various public and private health insurance companies.

 DAY 6 – SATURDAY - 9th JUNE 2018

The day started at 9:30 am, the students had a BRIDGE COURSE TEST based on the pre induction course material they were given prior to joining the course. The test was of 30 marks and the duration was 60 min.

The first lecture of the day was conducted by Dr Beauty Sinha about Overview of Wellness Industry. Dr Beauty Sinha is the centre head of wellness center “HEALTHSPRING”. She gave the students details about her daily routine regarding how she manages 4 centres.DAY 7 – MONDAY - 11th JUNE 2018


Students left via bus from the S.B. Road Campus and reached the Lavale Campus at around 9 AM. At the Lavale Campus, students visited places like Vista Pad, Central Library, Symbiosis School of Sports Sciences, Symbiosis School of Photography and the Guest House. The highlight of the visit was a tour of the Symbiosis Hospital which is under construction. The Lavale Campus also provides Hostel Accommodation including mess services. The students reached back at the campus by around 12:30 PM.

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

SIHS welcomes MBA HHM BATCH 2018-20

The one-week long induction of MBA(HHM) Batch 2018-2020 began with the inaugural ceremony on Tues, 5th June 2018. Dr. Nagendra Swamy, Sr. President, Manipal Health Enterprises was the Chief Guest for the inaugural ceremony.
(L to R): Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Director, SIHS; Dr. Nagendra Swamy, Sr.President, Manipal Health Enterprises; ; Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro Chancellor, SIU;  Dr. Rajani Gupte, Vice Chancellor, SIU.

 The dignitaries inaugurated the  ceremony by lighting the lamp. All the dignitaries addressed the gathering comprising of newly inducted students and their parents. The induction will continue till 11th June after which regular classes will follow.

Group photograph of newly inducted students with the dignitaries and faculty members.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Workshop on Quality in Hospitals held on 16 March 2018

A workshop was conducted on 16th March 2018, for the students of SIHS (Symbiosis Institute Health Science, Pune). The workshop covered various topics which were taught by 4 speakers.
The first session was taken by Dr. Madhur Rao (Senior Medical Administrator at KEM Hospital Pune). Sir spoke on the topic- Management Challenges in Change Management- Implementation of a new EHR (Electronic Health Records).

Sir gave us insights on this topic and educated us about the uses of EHR and how important it is to implement EHR in every hospital. The risings number of deaths due to medical error has necessitated the implementation of Electronic Health Record, to improve safety and care in hospitals. In the session the students came to know about the benefits of EHR as well as why it is still not practiced everywhere and by every doctor. 
Dr. Ashish Banerji concluded the session by telling us why doctors are reluctant to use EHR. That is because they think that maintain eye contact with patients is very important which they will lose while using EHR. Also they feel that patient will consider that the doctor is not paying attention to what he/she is saying. After the session Dr. Madhur Rao was felicitated by Dr. Anil Pandit.
The session was followed by a short tea break.

The second session was taken by Dr. Viju Rajan (GM Columbia Asia Hospital, Pune). Ma’am enlightened us with the topic – Application of LEAN Principles in hospitals. Ma’am introduced the concept of LEAN management to us. Lean management is a concept of running an organization that supports the concept of continuous improvement, a long-term approach to work that systematically
seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in process in order to achieve efficiency and quality.
Ma’am made the session more lively and interactive by making us play games like- folding of T-shirt, played by 2 students (Bineesh Benny and Deepesh Gupta, in which Bineesh won). They were supposed to fold the T-shirt properly and time was noted.
There was another interesting game passing of ball played by two groups of 6 people. They were supposed to pass the ball, in air, with timer. Ma’am also showed many interesting videos.
The session was an interesting and interactive one. And students enjoyed as well as learned about the concept. The session was followed by lunch break.
The third session was taken by Dr. Soniya Bhagat (Deputy Manager- Quality, Ruby Hall Clinics). Ma’am talked about documentation and its compliance. She explained about the Dos’ and Don’ts of documentation process while recording and reporting.
She made the session interactive by conducting quizzes in between the talk and rewarded the students by giving them chocolates. She also talked about the legal aspects of documentation process.
Finally the talk was concluded with Question/Answers. After that she was felicitated by Dr. Ashish Banerji.

After Dr. Soniya Bhagat the session was continued by Dr. Sanjay Dalsania (General Manager Quality at Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai). His topic of discussion was Healthcare Accreditation. He gave a practical insight to the topic by involving the students.
He divided the entire class according to the different departments of the hospital and asked them to explain their respective roles in improving the quality of the hospital. The session ended by felicitating Dr. Sanjay Dalsania by Ms. Devika Shetty.

From the entire workshop, the students of MBA-HHM 2017-19 have expanded their knowledge on quality aspect of hospital, its various parameters, standards, checklist and other criterion.

Monday, 5 March 2018

American Heart Association (AHA) awards SIHS with the Global Recognition Award ‘Gold’ for second consecutive year

In recognition of  academic credentials, SIHS has been awarded Global Recognition Award ‘Gold’ by the American Heart Association (AHA), USA for two years in succession

The award letter reads:
"Thank you for the work you do each day to bring high-quality life support training to hospitals, emergency medical systems, workplaces & the general public in your communities. Your effort will improve the systems of care, strengthen the chain of Survival, improve the safety & save more lives in your community – and ultimately, help increase survival from cardiac arrest around the world."

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


A workshop on digital marketing in healthcare was held on Saturday, 23 rd February 2018.
Over the past few years, every industrial sector is welcoming the big data and digital
marketing in its line of business due to its numerous advantages. The rapidly growing
healthcare sector is also one of them.
The workshop commenced with a brief overview given by Mr. Vikas Tiwari and Ms. Sonal
Kabir; students of Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, about the contribution of symbiosis
in the field of digital marketing in the form of its Facebook page and SIHS blog.
Session 1:
Time: 10.00 am – 12:45 pm
Guest speaker: Mr. Swapnil Narake is a Digital Marketing Trainer and currently works as a
Marketing Manager at Sahyadri hospital, Pune.
Mr. Swapnil, very adept in his field of work, introduced us to the basic concepts of digital
marketing. He spoke about how digital marketing differs from traditional marketing. Digital
marketing is cost effective, simple to measure and gives real time results and is advantageous
over traditional marketing in a way that location targeting becomes very easy. We learnt
about calculating the cost of a newspaper and a radio ad. We also learnt about the different
modules that it comprises of. He impressed a lot upon Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
and the importance of studying both keywords and content in SEO. Mr. Narake quoted “A
Good content is not necessarily an SEO friendly content” and explained it further. Another
module that was focussed upon was ‘web analytics’ which is vital for making a marketing
strategy. He talked about creation of a blog that requires two main components- Domain and
Hosting. Other modules discussed were social media optimization and marketing, email
marketing, affiliate marketing and app store optimisation.
It was indeed an enlightening session where plethora of knowledge was shared by Mr.
Swapnil Narake within a few hours.
The session concluded with a Q&A round. This was followed by a vote of thanks by Ms.
Aswathy Kutti.

Mr. Swapnil Narake

Mr. Vidyabhushan Arya

Session 2:
Time: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Guest Speaker: Mr. Vidyabhushan Arya, Assistant Media Director
The topic for this session was Brand management through Digital marketing.
Mr. Vidyabhushan quoted “India has a huge scope in brand management”.
He showed us a video of Baba Ramdev who is well known for his brand ‘Patanjali’, which
suggested how a brand can bring about a social media revolution. He spoke about novelty of
digital marketing in terms of its relevance, personalisation, cost effectiveness, scalability,
measurability and scope for high engagement. He emphasized on digital marketing as a way
of promoting sales and increasing brand awareness. Mr. Vidyabhushan discussed different
forms of media, roles, benefits and challenges of the same. He also spoke about the
importance of having knowledge about users’ behaviour in digital marketing. This was
followed by a video of our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi talking about “the
inevitability of digital marketing and its continuous growth over the years.” He impressed
upon a fact that in spite of digital marketing being an effective tool, it hasn’t been able to
replace traditional forms of marketing which still happens to be the most reliable source of
The workshop concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr. Supriya Sharma.
The workshop created a positive impact on the minds of students. It provided us with the tips
and tricks of working efficiently as healthcare managers by making optimaluse of digital


Having had an experience of wide learning of the subject of materials management in the first semester syllabus, valuable light was thrown upon the supply chain management in healthcare and its interconnection with information technology. The 1 st year MBA-HHM students of SIHS attended this workshop on 26 th February 2018, which began with its 1 st session, the process of supply chain
management. This session witnessed a lecture by Col. Dr. Vijay Deshpande, who apart from being a previous faculty member happens to be an expert in the subject.
Having had an experience of wide learning of the subject of materials management in the first semester syllabus, valuable light was thrown upon the supply chain management in healthcare and its interconnection with information technology. The 1 st year MBA-HHM students of SIHS attended this workshop on 26 th February 2018, which began with its 1 st session, the process of supply chain
management. This session witnessed a lecture by Col. Dr. Vijay Deshpande, who apart from being a previous faculty member happens to be an expert in the subject.
The second speaker for the day was Mr. Mohan Nair from the Indian Institute of Materials Management. Mr. Nair conducted a session on Key issues in healthcare supply chain management and enhancing supply provider relationship to cut down coats and improve quality.
The afternoon session started at 1.15 pm with the introduction of the speaker Mr. Mohan Nair. Mr. Nair started the talk by giving an introduction to supply chain management and his work experience in the industry. The main focus of his talk was the opportunities and challenges in supply chain management. He introduced the students to various concepts such as Just in time, Total quality management, supply chain cost, and demand chain management. He then gave the students an
exercise to give an estimate of the number of people involved in a supply chain to deliver a rice meal at a restaurant. This was done to give the students an idea about the expanse and importance of each component of the supply chain. Mr. Nair then spoke about the major challenges faced in India within the supply chain. These were namely poor infrastructure, inadequate technology, difficulty in managing scalability and shortage of skilled workers. He then went on to give examples of organisations with excellent supply chain management in India.
These were Amul, Haldirams condiments, Parle G biscuits, and ITC limited. This was then followed by a question answer session. The talk was concluded with a quote by the speaker which was “SCM is a philosophy, logistics is an enabler”.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Spread the awareness: Save a life

Sridevi dies of cardiac arrest.

It’s a huge loss to all those concerned, connected, and the followers of her good work. Social media, news network etc are filled with condolence messages. Soon all of us will be back to our routine mundane chores of life and it will be forgotten that she could have been saved.


Please join hands to spread the awareness. Watch the attached video and get training about this potentially deadly yet reversible cardiac condition.