Wednesday, 6 May 2015

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The session started with a brief introduction of Baba Ramdev by Dr.Harshita Kumar, Student (MBA-HHM)-2014-2016

Baba Ramdev is a spiritual leader known for his contributions in yoga and Ayurveda. He is best known for popularising yoga among Indians through his mass yoga camps. He founded the Patanjali group of institutions for the promotion and practice of yoga and ayurveda.

Dr.Vidya Yeravdekar introduced Baba Ramdev by enumerating  his various  achievements. He is the Man of Distinction who refused to accept the highest civilian award i.e Padmabhushan and the Cabinet Ministry Seat .He showed dedication to serve humanity with spreading of health awareness and practice of Traditional medicine with main focus on preventive aspect of medicine.

Baba Ramdev mainly talked on the topic “YOGA FOR HEALTH” that focuses on strength, and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. He stressed on” MODERN MEDICINE” which includes:
·         Primary Prevention
·         Secondary  Prevention
·         Control Care
·         Cure
·         Rehabilitation

 Ms. Patham gave an overview on how to build up the professional Excellence as a tool in today’s contemporary society. She spoke about the Human Response Development as a tool for enhancing the potential.
She conducted an activity wherein she made all the delegates realize that all have the same anatomy but all are different because of their skill sets and the quality in them. The best paradigm that she quoted was of Dr. S.B.Mujumdar who is a successful professional in academics as he started this University from a scratch by valuing his Visions.
Basically, professionalism depends on attitude; believe in oneself and converting the belief in reality. The professional excellence and the personal excellence is an excellent amalgamation of the two as they both help in establishing a human in the society. One thing to ponder and remember is that the personal excellence will transform into professional excellence.

 Mr. Venkatesh Iyer is the MD & CEO of GOLI VADA PAV Pvt. Ltd. with an 18 year of work experience in Corporate Finance. He introduced the audience to the notion of “Dream to destiny”. He explained that the word enthusiasm is made from two words i.e. ‘enthu’ meaning you and ‘siasm’ meaning God. It means invoke and inspire the god in you and the success is yours. He inspired the audience and told them that if you don’t use your potential it will evaporate. He went on to explain how universe conspires to help each and every one of us to achieve our dream and that the same has been evident through all the great books and the great sayings. He told that the story of the world is written in one language and i.e. Courage.
He further went on explaining how the idea of Goli Vada Pav Pvt. Ltd was incorporated and how he moved ahead with lots of challenges to face. The idea which came as a passion was that ‘Indian people will have Indian food’ but the opportunities and economics are to be handled with the brain. It was the thought and conception that Burger and Vada Pav are just twin brothers and just as the burger being handy and convenient the vada pav will also sell with same level of convenience in regards to the changing lifestyle of growing India. He told that entrepreneurs never vote for the form of the product they go for the content and which here was just what every Indian would like potatoes, wheat and besan

Dr. B. V. Krishnamurthy introduced his topic by raising various questions concerning quality in health care organizations (HCOs), such as “Are Quality Management Services (QMS) important for HCOs?”, “What is accreditation?” and “Is there a role for hospital administrators in health care accreditation?”

Dr. Krishnamurthy ended the session with a positive message about quality measures leading to patient satisfaction and sustainable organizational growth by teamwork and a supportive work culture in implementing QMS in health care organizations.

Academic Committee 
National Seminar 2015