Friday, 18 April 2014

Hello!  Gear up for the Annual Healthcare Mega event of SIHS……..

When I thinking of  writing  a blog, all I could think of was of  the upcoming National Seminar on  Hospital & Healthcare Management, Medico Legal Systems and Clinical Research

 I didn’t know what I could say about it that all wouldn’t know.
The students of MBA-HHM 2013-15 batch have been engrossed in the work related to the seminar since months.

Then we were split up into committees with separate profiles, such as the academic (that’s mine), stage, transportation, finance, press and media, etc, etc.

Our work began with the sponsorship committee (which was I guess the toughest)..

As the days of the grand and highly awaited event are approaching the students and faculty have been pressed and stressed, but seeing all the preparations happening I guess we are gearing up for another fabulous academic event from our batch.

So with fingers crossed, I bid u adieu.

PS - Back to work guys, lots left to do and the clock is ticking.

Dr. Swati Sonik

MBA HHM 13-15

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

MBA Dreams….

There are ways we live,
And ways we talk.
Less time to learn,
No time to stop.
The race we are running is so fast,
There are time when I think, "who would end up last?"
My mind has innovations, ideas so new,
But less are opportunities... Indeed they are few.

Yet I live to become a Leader,
For people to follow me, make my legacy forever.
And that's what MBA is all about
Leadership it is.. indeed; no doubt.

This is the dream I wake up with everyday..
I will turn it into reality.. after my MBA..
For dreams are hopes that keep us alive,
And with this hope, success can be bought our lives.

Dr. Saniya Husain

MBA HHM 13 -15 batch 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Indian Healthcare System: Governance and Management Challenges

Prof K.V.RAMANI, Chairman, Centre for Management of Health Services an eminent personality in the field of healthcare, from India’s one of the most prestigious institute IIM-AHMEDABAD addressed  a gathering in Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences. It was indeed a privilege to be a part of such a gathering.

Taking about the healthcare scenario prevailing in India, his main focus was on the things which are important in our everyday life in our health and essential for maintaining a quality. He gave a very brief example stating that people are more worried about the soft drinks that they are consuming are free from any contamination rather than to check the water which we all are consuming is free from contamination or not. But we people have stopped looking into the small things which are essential to maintain a quality health standard.

He gave emphasis on Public Health and Health for All. He stressed upon the fact  India has plenty of resources which are not been utilized properly. In fact the ample amount of resources present are being wasted because there is no proper coordination between government and the health sector.

Our first step towards improvement of health care should be the proper utilization of the resources like manpower, knowledge, skill of people, spending more on improving the infrastructure, creating awareness of health among the society and emphasising on the concept of Health. Health does not mean only to be free from any disease but it is a state when an individual is socially, physically and economically stable and in a proper state.

He also enlightened the students about the government spending on healthcare in India as compared to other countries. Although India is a growing economy but still it’s spending on public health is very low as compared to developed and developing nations.

Taking about ways to  improve Health care scenario in India Prof. Ramani emphasised on increasing  government spending and proper utilization of resources.  For strengthening his views he gave very simple and everyday examples that we all see around us but never think about them and pay attention to improve them.

WRITTEN BY: -                                                      
MBA HHM  (Batch13-15)