Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Jai Hari Vitthal !!!!!

Keeping up the tradition of serving the Warkaris, this year too MBA HHM students of SIHS & PGDEMS students of SCHS are part of this annual pilgrimage.
PGDEMS students are involved in providing medical Aid whereas MBA HHM students are involved in planning & execution of the services


DAY 1: 18th June 2018
The auspicious day started with the gathering of students and parents at VISWABHAVAN AUDITORIUM. The Inaugaration speech was given by Dr.RAJIV YERAVDEKAR, as he welcomed all the students of MBA HHM 1ST YEAR to the SYMBIOSIS family. He addressed in length all the activities that the students would be executing for the next two years at SIHS related to academics and assignments. He discussed about the future plans of Symbiosis as a whole.    
                               Welcome address by Dr.Rajiv Yeravdekar   
The address was followed by E-lamp lighting ceremony after the arrival of dignitaries , a symbol which states the light will guide us through darkness.

The address was given by Dr.Vidya Yeravdekar ,Pro Chancellor SIU, she emphasised on how the course will help budding healthcare professionals and usher us into a competitive management world. She congratulated us for getting ourselves enrolled into Symbiosis.
She also pressed on how there is need of healthcare managers in today’s scenario.

                           Our Guest Of Honor Mr. Anupam Verma ,President Wockhardt                                       Hospitals,Pvt.Ltd,Mumbai.
Our Guest Of Honor, Mr. Anupam Verma ,President Wockhardt Hospitals, Pvt.Ltd,Mumbai. gave a speech on what the students can expect in a corporate sector. He also gave us a overview of what we as a student can expect in our career after pursuing this course.
Dr.Keerti Pradhan Advisor Healthcare Management Programme,Chitkara University
Dr.Keerti Pradhan Advisor Healthcare Management Programme, Chitkara University,gave a speech on how this course is growing from an Indian Healthcare perspective and also there is a dearth of healthcare managers in our country.
 Presidential Address by Dr.S.B.Mujumdar,Chancellor,SIU
The Presidential Address was given by our Chancellor,SIU, Dr.S.B.Mujumdar. He insisted on following the Symbiosis core values such as “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.He gave a speech on how happy he was to see so many budding healthcare managers at one place. He also expects us to change the future as healthcare managers.

                                                      Day Two of Induction
The second day of our induction ceremony got triggered by a visual treat which was a short film about our prestigious institution , Symbiosis Institute Of Health Sciences(SIHS).
The film was followed with the address by Dr. Parag Rishipathak, Director of SCHS. His words focussed on the role of healthcare managers in the clinical and non clinical corners of the healthcare field.                                                                
We were soon attended  Mr. Shital, Asst Librarian, SIU, who made us familiar with the library situated in the SIHS building. Most interesting part of the library is it's mammoth online E-database service which is accessible by every student . In a sentence it can be explained as " No knowledge is forbidden in SIHS".
                                                        Ms.Devika Shetty
From the books our attention soon got conquered by the placement team. They comprised of a group of three people respresented by Ms.Devika Shetty whose job is to help us secure a job in the near future.


                                                      Ms.Renuka Mukadam

We were given the opportunity to interact with Ms.Renuka Mukadam, who gave a lecture on GENDER SENSITIZATION. She discussed about the pain and burden of both male and female in this century of technological advancements. The eye grabbing part was her unbiased take over not only male and female but in those other sections of the society who haven't seen the light of the day such as transgenders.

Dr.Madhur Rao
The climax of the session reached when Dr.Madhur Rao, senior Medical Admistrator, KEM Hospital, Pune took the stage . He shared light on the life of a hospital manager . He started with his own journey of becoming a hospital administrator right from the seats where we are sitting now with the aspiration of becoming a hospital administrator.His address ended with a deafening round of applause with the students on their feet. Before we ran out of our energy juices the session of the day came to an end .

We were then directed for our verification of certificates for Eligibility criterias by the SIU staff.

                                                                                                                Day Three of Induction
                                                Dr B.R.Ambedkar Museum
Our day three started with SB Road Tour where all the students of Batch 2019-21 gathered inside campus. We were taken to B.R.Ambedkar museum by our teachers. We saw a short film on B.R.Ambedkar- the Father of Indian Constitution.Thereafter students were taken to visit the museum where his personal belongings were kept.
For the next part of the tour students were taken to the Vishwabhavan auditorium.Students were then taken to the Afro-Asian museum which is situated below it. In this museum there were information about different countries of Africa along with the display of their brilliant artwork. There were information about brief history,languages,food,folk dances,festivals of various countries.
After the break, english test by ELTIS: Session 1 was taken.
                      Mr. Mohan Nair, Director Esquire, Past President IIMM Pune
1st Lecture:2:30-3:15
Topic: Overview of pharmaceutical industry & Supply Chain Management
The lecture was given by Mr. Mohan Nair,Director Esquire,Past President IIMM Pune.
He hooked us with his oration skills. He made us aware about how SCM is a big time player in running successful business.


Day Four Of Induction
                              Dr.Mallika Ramchandran,Reasearch Analyst,Cotiviti
The fourth day began with Dr.Mallika Ramchandran,Reasearch Analyst,Cotiviti. She discussed about the solidarity and importance of information technology in healthcare delivery and the fruits it can bear.

Mr.Netra Risal
Emerging role of Medical devices in healthcare delivery was the topic on which we were enlightened by Netra Risal, Deputy General Manager,sales. He represents Siemens Healthcare and he discussed about his journey in this field.

 Dr.Anuja Bhate
Dr.Anuja Bhate, Manager-product specialist at Suburban Diagnostics discussed over a very divergent topic which is THE OVERVIEW OF DIAGNOSTIC INDUSTRY

                             Dr. Sundeep Salvi, Research Mentor ,FOHBS.
The importance and fluidity of Reasearch has always been the epitome for growth at Symbiosis. And this aspect was brought to us by Dr. Sundeep Salvi, Research Mentor ,FOHBS.

                                                         Dr.Sachin Kasat
An automaton yet productive presentation on the Healthcare Insurance Industry was exhibited by Dr.Sachin Kasat,General manager, operations, MD INDIA HEALTHCARE SERVICES (TPA) Pvt. Ltd.

                       Day Five Of Induction
1st Lecture : 10:00-10:35
Topic: Job roles in healthcare industry

Ms.Hindavi Ektyar,Markets & Markets
The lecture was given by Ms.Hindavi Ektyar,Markets & Markets,Pune. She gave a detailed overview of global healthcare drivers and what our job roles in a healthcare industry we can expect to have after completion of this course.
10:45-11:15-BRIDGE Course Test
The whole class gave a bridge course test on the modules that was provided. It was subjective as well as objective.
2nd Lecture : 11:30-12:00
Topic: Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
Mr. Aditya Kamthe, Director, Ashok Healthcare Services
The lecture on this topic was given by Mr. Aditya Kamthe, Director, Ashok Healthcare Services. He was showing us his journey in entrepreneurship, what the difficulties are, and how passionate you have to be. He was showing us how to keep your goal intact throughout this journey, and why it’s important to have the right attitude for solving problems.
3rd Lecture:12:00-12:30
Topic:-Symbiosis Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SCEI)

                                       Dr.Nishant Tikekar, Head, Health Tech, SIU
The lecture on this topic was given by Dr.Nishant Tikekar, Head, Health Tech, SIU. He gave us detailed presentation on how Symbiosis supports different ideas and how it provides full guidance to develop and launch those ideas in the market. He also addressed on how they work to get new ideas patented globally.He encouraged us for any new ideas if we ever come across.
4th Lecture: 12:30-1:15
Topic :-Introduction to Research

 Dr.Sanjay Pohekar,Professor (Mech) Head, Research Programmes, SIU
The Lecture on this topic was given by Dr.Sanjay Pohekar,Professor (Mech) Head, Research Programmes, SIU. He addressed the students why research is so important in today’s scenario. He asked us to focus on what you know and then you might just find out what you don’t know.
5th Lecture:02:00-02:30
Topic:- Research Projects & Funding
The Lecture on this topic was given by Prof.Dr.Dipak Tatpuje, Head ,Research Projects, SCRI, SIU. He addressed the students on where to publish our research articles,and what are the recommended sites to collect knowledge for research purposes.
6th Lecture:02:30-03:00
Topic:-Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights and Patents
 Dr.Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head IPR,SIU  
The Lecture on this topic was given by Dr.Amit Kumar Tiwari, Head IPR,SIU. He addressed on how there are very few healthcare as well as intellectual property rights professionals in India. He gave a detailed presentation on how this field is becoming a emerging field also in healthcare sector.

Day 6.
24th June 2018

2:00 pm -3:00pm
This session was followed by a enthusiastic  SYMBICARE team who discussed about the various aspects of the fitness regimes and extracurricular activities employed under the Symbiosis International University. Added to it, Ms. Ashana Mitra who is in charge of the emotional well being of the students discussed about the amenities provided for students (if any) suffering from any genre of emotional disturbance.

3:00 pm – 3:30pm
Topic- Waste Resource Management
                                                          Dr.Manik Dhanorkar
The session was soon taken over by Dr.Manik Dhanorkar who shifted our attention over the various sides of waste management and also added about the sustainable use of our natural as well as man made resources since it is on the brink of collapse.

We were then assigned to our respective classes for our English Test by ELTIS.

Written By  
Niladri Banerjee and Dr.Arindam Ballav.
MBA HHM Batch 19-21

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Induction Programme Batch 2019-21

Induction Programme Batch 2019-21

The event was graced by -
Dr. Vidya Yeravdekar, Pro Chancellor, SIU

Dr. Keerti Bhusan Pradhan, Professor, Chitkara University
Mr. Anupam Verma, President, Wockhardt Hospitals.
The function was presided over by Dr. S. B. Mujumdar, Chancellor, SIU