Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mr and Miss Symbi fit

Hello folks, as we all know, in the 1st week of December a fitness competition “Mr and Miss Symbi Fit” was organised for all the symbiosis international university students across all the campuses in Pune, Bangalore and Nashik. It was the first time, such a competition was organised, and organisers were our very own RWC( Recreation and wellness centre staff) across the campuses.

Well, to be frank, we took it as lightly as the weight of the registration form (remember that form, I was screaming and distributing and collecting… that one..!!) and never bothered to work-out or go to the gym. The idea did not even cross our minds (except for a few of us who go to the gym and workout every day).
And finally the day for our first round of Mr and Miss Symbi Fit arrived and we went to the battle field to get our Height, Weight, BMI, Flexibility etc. measured. And believe me it all went so smoothly that I never imagined what was waiting for us the next day, as the second part of the first round.

Oh lord, how miserably unfit I felt when I completed 100 squats, some 37 sit-ups, a heart rate test and a few push-ups, and was unable to sit,  stand, walk or do anything. That was the day I promised to myself that I will exercise regularly, no matter what.

Third part of the 1st round felt as though I was being operated upon, without anaesthesia (oops..! I think that is a little too much). Weight lifting and leg press..!! I do not remember if I have ever done that in my entire life, but as they say there is a first time for everything.

And when the results for the first round were announced and It registered to me that I along with three more batch mates of mine names Amrita Singh, Meenita Pawar and Preeti Pillai, had been selected in the first 30 girls amongst all the campuses across India, I forgot all my sufferings and pain I had gone through. And once again I was a happy soul and I promised to myself to join the gym and start working out regularly.

Two days passed and the day arrived when we had to go to the Lavale campus for practice of the second round, which was to be held the next day morning. Upon reaching there, we were routed to the rooms allotted to us. At 5 pm we were supposed to gather at the ground where all the arrangements had been done and the props set. It looked more like one of those military training institutes, and scared the hell out of me. As we started practising it was clear to us that it was not an easy task to clear that level. And thus we mentally prepared ourselves to fight the battle, no matter what..!!

But, the scariest part was yet to unveil, in the evening we got the news that our 1st semester results had been out. With the worst service connection (an idea can change your life..!!), we kept on trying to get a glimpse of our results. After some 20 minutes (which seemed like years to us) we got to know our result through a friend of ours.Well the good news was that we all had passed with dignity, and thus we thanked our heaven, had our dinner and went off to sleep.

The due date came and we had to wake up at 5:00 am to reach the ground on time. The competition started and one by one we had to complete a farmer’s walk, tire flip and a hurdle race. Well we all tried our level best to complete the level but only one girl amongst us (our very own topper Amrita Singh) got through to the next level.

And the next and final level comprised of ramp walk, talent round, question answer round etc. It was indeed an entertaining and glamorous evening with the celebrities and famous personalities as judges and audiences.

And this way the “Mr and Miss Symbi Fit” came to an end but with a promise to come back the next year with a bigger event involving all the colleges across Pune.

P.S.- I still have not joined a Gym or started exercising. But I promise I will someday.

By- Dr Beauty Sinha
 2 nd semester


Thursday, 19 December 2013

International Relations Conference @Symbiosis: Sharing of Experiences and Best Practices in the Area of Sustainability and Healthcare in Asia and Africa

Symbiosis International University achieved one more milestone by successfully hosting Conference on International Relations (IR) on 14th and 15th of December 2013. With the remarkable theme of India and Development Partnerships in Asia and Africa: Towards a New Paradigm  the conference provided a platform for academicians, researchers, corporates and policy makers both national and international to delve into the multifarious aspects of development partnerships.

International collaborations and partnerships have proven to be the key to development in Asia and Africa.  Healthcare being a crucial area in developing partnerships was discussed intensively in the conference. The healthcare track titled Sharing of Experiences and Best Practices in the Area of Sustainability and Healthcare in Asia and Africa brought together some of the eminent and distinguished speakers. The session was chaired by Dr Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean, Faculty of Health and Biomedical Sciences, SIU and co- chaired by Dr. Subhash Salunkhe  Senior Advisor, Public Health Foundation of India ; Former WHO representative to Indonesia.

Discussing about the role of  GOI & Pharmaceutical Companies in enhancing Healthcare delivery in Tanzania, H.E. Dr. Hussein Mwinyi , Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania highlighted the  improved  accessibility and affordability of healthcare in Tanzania . Dr  Mwinyi  elaborated how the  collaboration between Indian pharmaceutical companies  , GOI and Tanzania has helped them in control of some dreaded diseases..

In her address on Development Partnerships in the Healthcare Sector between Iraq and other Nations,  Ms. Safia Al Suhail, Member of Parliament, Iraq said that cooperation with India in the field of Health will be widened through collaboration between  government of Iraq  and the Government of India. She also mentioned that at least 75 Iraqi patients travel to India on a daily basis for medical treatment.  Hundreds of Iraqis prefer to send their children for higher education to India on self-financing basis.Majority of the Iraqis visit India for Medical purposes, and education and for business.

The Role of Indian Diaspora & GOI in enhancing Healthcare in West Asia was splendidly elaborated by Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman, DM Healthcare Group, Dubai. He also stated how the Indian healthcare providers have brought affordable quality healthcare within the reach of people in West Asia.

The need of Augmenting Allied Health Services for Quality Healthcare was prominently brought out by Dr. Vishwas Mehta, IAS Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. He mentioned about the  initiatives taken by Govt. Of India to optimally utilize the existing resources (Infrastructure/HR etc.) and to create more institutions, strengthen the available  resources and optimal use of technology that to cope up with the Scarcity of resources. He emphasized on creation of a new public health  cadre with introduction of B.Sc.(Community Health ) Course to have a middle level officers  to be posted at Sub-Centres / PHCs in Rural areas.
Dr. Bulbul Sood, Country Director Jhpiego spoke on Strengthening of ( Reproductive and Child health) services through reinforcement the Pre service education for the nursing and midwifery cadre. Jhpiego initiatives have been proven successful in revitalization of Postpartum Family Planning and IUCD services. Jhpiego’s safe childbirth checklist program has improved quality of intrapartum and immediate postpartum care for the mothers and their new-born.

Dr. Shubhra Trivedi, Senior Program Manager of Population Service International, UP, India mentioned about the innovative PSI social franchise Model which encompasses a network of qualified health practitioners linked through contracts to provide socially beneficial services under a common brand.  She highlighted that social franchising has proven beneficial to  Low-income communities  as well as  to private healthcare providers. High-quality services at affordable prices are now accessible. Private providers benefit from increased clinic revenues that are generated through an expanding clientele Governments have improved national health indicators and an enhanced stronger, better regulated private health sector.

Ms. Neha   Bhagatkar
Assistant Professor


Tuesday, 10 December 2013



With the magnificent efforts put in by the Alumni committee of SIHS on 30thNovember was all ready to kick off the first alumni meet ”IMPRESSIONS 2013 “in a very superlative fashion.

Everyone was ready to greet the ex-inhabitants of our institute with enthusiasm.

The event was a way for the alumni to meet some of the students while reconnecting with their peers.
It was an evening solely dedicated to our alumni, where the alumni revisited and relived the best times of their college life.
It all started with a warm welcome address which made everyone feel back at home.

All the Alumni shared their experiences and what is their cherished memory of SIHS that they still carry with them.

SIHS students  stepped onto the stage and brought the house down with one liners ,strange quizzes ,musical  chairs and other games.

A video was pictured which was exclusively made for the event which made the alumni reminiscent of  their college days, the times of masti, study, photo sessions and so on..

Our faculty and alumni whole heartedly participated in the show, won prizes and laughed their heart out. 

        Distinguished Alumnus Awards:

But the fun wasn’t over yet.....
The cultural programme was a diverse mix of Indo-Western dances.
The students enthralled us with their display of a wide array of both traditional and western dances.

Then the dance floor was open to all.
A musical bonanza followed, where performances floored us with intoxicating blend of music and dances.
People were swaying to the pretty numbers played by the DJ.

Everyone was seen enjoying on the dance floor, a scene to be remembered and cherished.

As the stomach rumbled, food was served and the scene resembled a huge family get together.

The thunderous applause at the end of the event said it all.
 The alumni meet was a perfect blend of nostalgia, fun, professionalism and entertainment and truly an evening to remember.

Dr. Saylee Pawar
2013-15 Batch