Monday, 24 July 2017

Blood Donation Drive (BDD) Special: A Crimson memory by Ms. Ravneet Kaur, MBA(HHM)

His body is getting pale and cold. He is very silent today.
“Won’t you speak with your mom? Rohan? It’s me, bacha, your mom. My sweetie pie, mom is
here. Look your dad is coming. He will get you blood. We won’t let anything happen to you.”
Rohan’s mother cursed the bus that hit him. She was shocked - shocked to see so much blood.
Shocked to see so much red… “Why isn’t the blood stopping” she asked out loud. “Doctor
please save my child. I cannot live without him.”
I can hear her cries. Each cry pierces and digs deep inside me. Her son got hit by a bus while
coming from home from school. He lost so much of blood. I can see his father rushing around to
blood banks in search of blood. His blood is not that rare to be found but they are still not getting
it. This little kid who doesn’t know what death is,is struggling with life.
His father was too late. His body now lies numb. His mother now curses herself. The
silence…that killing silence is haunting. She is still by her son but those cries are now lost
somewhere. She found herself amidst all that red. From there she was taken back to a memory. A
memory that would now become a crimson image that would burn before her eyes whenever she
shut them.
Many months ago she was approached by someone…a student, a social worker, a stranger…she
could not remember. It did not matter to her at that point. All that mattered was Rohan. She was
too busy buying him a gift. She was approached to be informed about a blood donation drive.
She listened kindly and then rushed home. She ignored the opportunity. Now she curses herself.
She curses the ignorance that she believed cost her the life of her son.
I wonder how many people have done the same. Now she is dying very slowly. She is praying
for her son. She is praying for someone to stop time so she could get blood for her son. That one
ignorance charged her with her son’s life.

-Ravneet Kaur
MBA HHM (2017-19)

Donate Blood, Save Life. Appeal by Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar, Dean, FOHBS

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Blood Donation Drive – 2017: Poster Competition


“No one should die for want of blood”

Blood Donation Drive – 2017
 Poster Competition
Eligibility                                       : Student & Staff of Symbiosis
Evaluation Criteria                   : Use catchy slogans, be creative, be original & be                                                                    neat!!
Participation type                     : Individual or Group (Max. 3 members per group)
Last date of submission         : 22nd July 2017 by 2 p.m.
Poster specification                 : A 3 Chart paper
Prize distribution                     : 31st July 2017 at S. B. Road, Pune.
Participation Certificate        : At respective campus
Submit to                                      : Medical Officer of respective campus
                                                               By 22nd July 2017 by 2 p.m.

1st Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 3000/-

2nd Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 2000/-

3rd Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 1000/-

Thursday, 13 July 2017

BDD special - All that is given is not lost, by - Mariya Khan

When I was in school, incurring an injury while playing was dreaded for fear of bleeding. When I was in school, action movies were ‘A’ certified because bloodshed was considered scary. When I was in school, injections were terrifying because they looked like they would hurt. Here I am now, all grown up. Everything from my childhood has changed but the essence of that fear still remains. I can ride a roller coaster for the thrill but I cannot get over my fear and insecurity. Fear of a prick and insecurity about a donation!
Blood – probably the cheapest resource for many but the most prized asset for few. Where one group can only dream of having enough of it, there are many others who don’t even realise the treasure within. It is possibly the only treasure in history which multiplies on donation. It stands true that life is priceless, but there are many fortunate ones who could afford that price for those who can’t.
When we talk of blood donation, is it just another “cool” day at work which would be added to your collection of selfies with fancy captions on the run? Well then, a fancy portrayal of a noble deed is “cool” enough only when done as a social responsibility. A social responsibility to realise the value of simply donating blood to someone in need of another chance to live, perhaps another chance to wake up beside their loved ones the next morning, another chance to dream, another chance at life. All that you give isn’t necessarily lost and all kinds of gold do not necessarily glitter.
As a child I always wanted to be a hero, I believe that I still have a chance of becoming one for somebody.

-Mariya Khan
2017-19 Batch

Gender Sensitization lecture held for MBA(HHM) students on July 12, 2017

A guest lecture on gender sensitization was conducted by Mrs Renuka Mukkadam, consultant at SATHI-CEHAT on July 12, 2017. The session was interactive and started with a short animation clip highlighting the gender stereotypes. Mrs Renuka explained what constitutes as sexual harassment i.e. any verbal/non-verbal physical intimidation of a person owing to their gender which violates their personal space and their being. 

Students were also introduced to the roles imposed on the people on the basis of their gender and the need to break free from them. Gender Equality and Women safety are some of the issues of the hour. These are the issues that have an impact not just on women but the society as a whole, at micro and macro levels.

Gender Equality
The lecture focused on gender equality, existing stereotypes, victims, social environment their impact and loss pertaining to sexual harassment. Mrs Renuka started the session with a clip that highlighted the stereotype imposed on males and females. Students were asked to recall the stereotypes they have faced based on their gender –the toys they played with and their experience.

Sexual Harassment
A short film on sexual harassment at work was shown. Miss Renuka then went on to give real life examples of sexual harassment and the laws in place. She also explained about Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act, 2013. This act also covers students patients at hospitals along with employees atworkplace. She elaborated upon the definition of sexual harassment, internal complaint committee and the legal consequences.
It was a lively two hour session. Mrs Renuka interacted with the students and asked them to put their questions forward. She explained the students about the guidelines on Women’s safety and also focused on Gender Equality.
Mrs Renuka concluded her lecture with some food for thought by stating “Men of quality respect Women’s equality.” The session definitely had an impact on the students making them aware of their duties, rights and privileges.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Symbiosis set to organise Blood Donation drive 2017

Symbiosis is all set to organize a Blood Donation Drive (BDD) on 31st July 2017 on the occasion of International Students Day. Symbiosis Center of Health Care (SCHC) in co-ordination with Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) and Symbiosis College of Nursing (SCON) will organize the Blood Donation Drive as an annual event across all the campuses of SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY. 

As a part of the tradition, this year the opportunity is given to the students of MBA- HHM, Medical Technology and college of nursing to campaign for this noble cause and motivate faculty, staff and students of Symbiosis.

A poster competition has been arranged on the day of BDD to create awareness and address blood donation related stigmas among staff and students of Symbiosis. Refer to following guidelines for the same:

Eligibility: Students and staff of Symbiosis.
Evaluation criteria: Use catchy slogans, be creative, be original and be neat!!
Participation type: Individual or Group (max. 3 members per group)
Last date of submission: 26th July 2017 by 2 PM.
Poster specification: A3 chart paper
Prize distribution: 31st July 2017
Participation certificate distribution: At respective campus.
Submit to: Medical Officer, SCHC of respective campus.

1st prize: Cash prize of Rs. 3000/-
2nd prize: cash prize of Rs. 2000/-
3rd prize: Cash prize of Rs. 1000/-