Monday, 30 March 2015

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It's time to move on to conquer new battles and scale new heights but we wish that you don't forget the old friends who have loved you always

14-16 Batch 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Group exercise TIPS

Group exercise can be a case study or Group Discussion or both, So here are few things an aspirant needs to know about GD:
Group Discussion (GD) evaluates personality traits such as clarity of thought, communication including listening skills, ability to critically evaluate and ability to interact in a group.
A good performance in GD can make or break your chances into your dream B-schools.
So, how do you score high in GD? How do you take edge over others in a GD?
We bring you 5 success tips for GD:
• Enhance knowledge and keep yourself abreast of current happening:You should be abreast of current happenings and issues that have made news over the last one year. The GD topics can range from issues of social importance to issues based on current affairs.
• Build opinion on issues:Group Discussion is also a tool for B-schools to assess your thought process. Therefore, while gathering knowledge you should also build opinion which you can justify and defend during your arguments. It helps one win the trust of group members and take lead in the group.
• Find time to put forward your arguments in a group discussion:In the Group Discussions, there are rare possibilities that group members will allow you to speak unless you really make efforts for it.
• Be a Team Player:During your Group discussion, you should always exhibit that you are a team player. In some cases, your opinion and argument might be very strong about the GD topic; still you should accommodate thoughts of other members in the group. Even when you don’t agree with a particular argument, you should be able to accommodate that argument in the course of discussion. This brings out your ability to work in a team, which is key to be a successful manager.
• Practice a lot, and be confident

SIHS Aspirants Relation Team


“A personal interview is the last step to get to know the candidate well. Personality traits that cannot be uncovered through Entrance tests, GD or WAT are evaluated here. The selectors try to understand the kind of person the candidate is, what are his/her interests, motivation, aspirations etc.”
We bring you 7 keys to crack Personal Interviews :
1. Be ready with ‘must know questions’:
You should be well prepared with the basic questions revolving around your thought process about your career, life and ambitions, such as ‘why MBA’, ‘how will it relate to your goal’, ‘how does your academic background relate to your goal’, ‘how relevant your experience’, ‘why do you want to join symbiosis’.
Besides this, a few questions may also be asked on your general interest and hobbies.
2. Reflect confidence:
During Personal Interview, you should reflect confidence while answering to different questions. Interviewers often tend to cross-question you even on your right answers just to check your confidence on your own answers
3. Be honest to yourself and interviewers:
During PI, you are also tested for integrity of your basic characteristics like honesty. Your honest approach during your interview also makes your responses natural.
It is better to skip the question which you are not sure about. An answer which you yourself are not convinced may invite unnecessary counter questions which may embarrass you further and hamper your chance in Personal Interview.

4. Be Polite:
Your politeness during the interview also brings positive impression on your interviewers.
5. Drive the interview towards your strength:
“For PI it’s very important to try and guide the personal interview towards your strength. So it’s important to identify your strengths i.e. topics which you are comfortable with and try and guide the discussion towards those topics.”
6. Stay calm:
During the interview, you should stay calm and never look stressed. If you are not confident of an answer, try to skip it. In case, you are countered on a particular question repeatedly, politely stick to your answer if you are confident on the same.
One should remain calm even in times of stress and stick to one’s stand if he/she believes in it.
7. Be thorough with what you write in your CV:
“ It is extremely important to be thorough with everything that is written on CV. It is alright to not be able to answer some questions with regard to current affairs and academics but the inability to answer questions about oneself is unpardonable.”
“A candidate should remain confident about the facts mentioned in their CV. Generally, one should be prepared with current affairs and business topics thoroughly and able to explain and justify CV details.”
Aspirants keep cool, think your feet and just be confident during the Personal Interview.

SIHS Aspirants Relation Team