Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Journey: A poem by Dr. Tanvi mehta, Student of MBA(HHM)-2017-2019


Entered the college at 18,
young and dynamic,
Ready to jump in the pool of medicine,
always energetic.
Leaving behind the juggling with numbers, in the past,
Now handling the organs, not so fast.
Day in and day out, for 5 long years ,
Studying the causes ,diagnosis and the cures.

The books of medicine being so obese ,
Never let me rest , never let me be at ease .
What started as curiosity and pure passion,
Has now become a money making concern, imagine!

When life revolved only around the patients ,
Is now about figuring out complex financial statements.
Wandering through the maze of choice,
Trying to hear my inner voice
Should I stick with my passion ,
Or should I make it a profession?

- Dr. Tanvi Mehta.