Tuesday, 26 December 2017

SIHS wins "Best Healthcare Academic Institution Of The Year 2017"

SIHS wins the Six Sigma Healthcare Excellence Awards 2017 under the category:

"Best Healthcare Academic Institution Of The Year"

Dr. Parag Rishipathak, Deputy Director, SIHS in receipt of the award during the Six Sigma Healthcare Leadership Summit 2017 held on 23rd December'2017 at Hotel Taj, New Delhi.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

AHPI workshop for MBA(HHM) 2016-18 batch

AHPI workshop for MBA(HHM) 2016-18 batch held during 7th-9th Dec'2017.

The first speaker for the workshop was Dr. Sujata Malik. She is currently the CEO and MD of Sunburst Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. She is an experienced healthcare professional skilled in healthcare consulting, healthcare information technology (HIT), Electronic Medical Record(EMR), Clinical Research and Medical Education.

 She started the session on day 1 with brief discussions about the various NABH standards for hospitals. She explained all the standards to us in a very simple language which was easy to grasp by the students. On the second day of the workshop, she gave a lecture on how to conduct internal audits for hospitals. She explained in detail about the various types and steps involved in auditing.

The second day ended with an interesting class activity which required us to create an audit checklist for various departments of the hospital. The class also gave an assessment exam which would help the faculty to analyze our level of understanding about the AHPI workshop.

The second speaker for the workshop was Mr. Balaji Reddie.

He works as an independent management consulting professional, is the founder of the Deming Forum (India) and is also currently an Assistant Professor for operations at the Balaji Institute for Modern Management, Pune. His session was on lean six sigma in healthcare industry. He started by sharing with us the history behind quality management. He spoke all about the principles and studies of W.E Deming and Dr. Joseph Juran. He made us understand the aspects of quality management in the form of great real life examples. He gave us an insight to the core teachings of W.E Deming and Dr. Joseph Juran since he himself has been tutored under Prof. Henry R. Neave ( Retired W.E. Deming professor of leadership and management at the Nottingham Trent University, UK).

NABH workshop for students of MBA(HHM)

National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare providers (NABH) workshop was held for students of MBA(HHM) 2017-19 batch on 28th-30th November'2017. NABH experts Dr. Reena Kumar and Dr. S. K. M. Rao were the speakers for the workshop. National Accreditation Board for Hospital and Healthcare providers is a hospital accreditation board under the Quality Control of India.
A 3 day workshop was conducted by SIHS- MBA HHM Pune with 28th November 2017 marking the first day of the workshop. NABH aims to improve the quality of healthcare services in our country through various methodologies and tools. The workshop was conducted by eminent speakers Dr. Reena Kumar and Col. Sunil Rao. Dr. Reena is the Principal Assessor at NABH. She is the HOD of Hospital Administration at IHMR and Additional Medical Director at Gangaram Hospital, Delhi. Col. Sunil Rao is currently the CEO at Jupiter Hospital Pune.

The day began with a warm welcome and introduction of the speakers by the 1 st batch of 45 MBA HHM 1 st year students. A pre-workshop assessment was conducted which was followed by lectures on implementation of NABH hospital standards.

The session was interactive with various group discussions and doubt solving sessions conducted by the speakers. The session for the day 1 ended at 5.30 pm with students having gained important knowledge regarding the hospital standards.
The day 2 of the NABH workshop started at 9.00 am and was conducted by Col. Sunil Rao and Dr. Reena Kumar. The first half of the session was conducted by Dr. Reena Kumar where she gave a brief recap of the topics covered on the previous day of the workshop and then went on to give a gist of the day’s upcoming schedule.

The first topic of the day was the 4 th chapter from the NABH notes followed by further chapters and a tea break. The session was concluded with a question answer session and a group discussion.
The lectures in the second half of the day were conducted by Col. Sunil Rao. The session involved various examples which made it easier for the students to understand the topics. His session ended with various group activities and discussions.