Thursday, 7 November 2013

Healthcare Management as a Career Option

For decades, having a doctor’s degree is considered to the biggest achievement. The tradition is to do post-graduation  and then establish practice . But Gen Y of doctors is open to  other options as well. One such option available for a medicine graduate is MBA in  healthcare management  The Post graduate degree in Healthcare Management  that suits ones   temperament and skills and where one can  successfully utilize my medical background as well.

Coming from ancient school of thoughts, most of the medicine graduates feel that the clinical knowledge would go waste. The fact is that MBA is not a change of profession but a medical degree will act as a basic platform to explore wide opportunities in globally evolving healthcare.

After MBA HHM  the opportunities are not only limited to the hospitals but it entails one to choose a career between various other verticals like healthcare IT, health Insurance, healthcare Consultancies , Pharmaceuticals & wellness. The initial position offered by the companies is at the mid-level management.  Even the opportunities in Public sector have increased tremendously. One can get an opportunity to work with WHO, NRHM, RNTCP, and UNICEF etc. Public sector companies prefer Doctors with MBA who are able to understand and solve the problems associated with healthcare delivery. Also one gets the opportunity to do research in Public health. 

The curriculum  in health care management provides courses  on organisational behaviour, health economics, organisational research, health plan, strategic management, how to design a hospital, requirements of a hospital, , national health programme, medico-legal acts, waste management, international health regulations, comparative health systems, accountancy , HR and so on. The program touches all the verticals of healthcare and gives an opportunity to choose work area as per ones interest.

The route to entry is via MBA entrance ( E.g. For Symbiosis: SNAP Test).  The aptitude test involves questions on logical reasoning, data interpretation and analytical skills. Medicos have a constant fear of Mathematics. But the aptitude test is more of applicability of the basics learnt during schooling. And when one can crack the toughest medical entrance test then why not an MBA entrance Test. 

The healthcare Managers need to be flexible, creative, analytical and organized in putting policy changes into practice. Healthcare managers must be able to effectively communicate with people at all professional levels. But what is treasured the most is the vast scope in all domains of health care and fast paced professional growth. The attractive compensation is also a significant part but not the entire part of the story. To sum up with, if you have the passion to learn, curiosity to explore and courage to lead then this is the right field.

Ms. Neha Bhagatkar
Asst. Professor


  1. The healthcare industry is demanding for health experts to contribute towards the growth of the industry. Health Management, Hospital Management are some of the most demanding courses in the curriculum today. Many managers are successful in their working.

  2. There is high demand for experts in healthcare management and those pursued or currently pursuing MBA Healthcare Management are assured to have a successful story in their job.

  3. And what more..!! you get to re-invent your passion. you also get to choose from many verticals of healthcare management...

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