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On 11th April 2015 an INTERDSICIPLINARY seminar on LAW and HEALTHCARE was conducted. The session began with lightening the e-lamp. There was an addresal  by Rajiv sir where he mentioned the importance of law and healthcare and the integration of the two fields. He also mentioned about the INTERNATIONAL RELATION CONFERENCE which will be held in December 2016.

The first speaker of the day was Mrs Shashikala Gurpur, Director of Symbiosis Law College. She highlighted on the topic “PURPOSE OF LAW IN HEALTHCARE” where she talked about ethics, code of conduct ,diligence and the emerging concept of LEGAL MEDICINE. She gave us practical example by discussing various cases like Anuraddha Saha case which enabled us to understand the topic in a simple and practical way.

The second speaker of the day was (Brig) Dr Anil Pandit. The topic of discussion was “IMPORTANT PROVISION OF SPECIAL BHHR ACT AND BMW RULES”. There was mention of certain acts like “Bombay Nursing Home Registration Act-1949. Sir also explained in great detail the functions of LSA, how to register under this act, fees for registration, penalty or Fine, cancellation and also Inspection. Later the BMW Rules were elaborated in detail focusing on the aim and objective of the rules, disposal techniques, Managemnt process, Steps in waste management  and concluding with the functions of BMW Rules.
The next topic of discussion was PC PNDT ACT AND MTP ACT. The introduction the topic was given by two professors of the law collge of symbiosis- Ms Garima and Mr Sachin. Ms Garima briefed us about the rules and regulationhins of sex determination and Mr Sachin talked about Social Sensitization. The topic was continued by Adv Milind Salunke where he discussed the the various sections under this act, the exceptions under this act, registration, penalty and finally fine. All the speakers were felicitated by Dr (col) Vijay Deshpande.

The next sessionwas taken by Sirish Kulkarni.  He introduced us to new terms like VICARIOUS LIABILITY”.  Sir also talked in depth about Tortuous Liability and its types. Briefed us about Doctrine of Respondent Superior. He discussed various cases like Hillyer’s case,  Spring Meadows Hospital vs Harjot Ahluwalia case.

The final speaker before lunch was Dr Walke where mentioned the Tips and Tricks of a good CEO. He in short educated us about hospital liability, its types and also extensively discussed about direct liability with several cases. The session ended with an interactive Question answer session.

Post lunch the session continued at around 2pm and the next speaker was an eminent personality, Dr. Sanjay Gupte (MD, DGO, FICOG, FRCOG, and LLB) and the topic of his discussion was CONSENT, DOCUMENT & RECORD KEEPING IN HOSPITALS. Dr. Gupte started the session by mentioning the common errors in practice in hospitals; Medicine error, IV line related, Equipment related, anaesthesia related, surgery related etc. Further he continued by stating the importance of maintaining the registers, case papers (OPD, IPD, OT), referral notes, high risk communication, discharge cards etc. Finally he spoke about the essence of consent in any given case by explaining its types and legal aspects of it.
Next speaker, Advocate. Dr. Milind Salunkhe (BHMS, DHA, MBA, and LLB) briefed on CRIMINAL PROSECUTION IN MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS. At around 3 45 pm, PANEL DISCUSSION began and the panellist were Dr. Sanjay Gupte, Dr Walke and Adv. Dr. Milind Salunkhe: wherein the first question was raised by an MBA HHM student that how important is medical transcription and EMR in document and record keeping, which was satisfactorily answered by the panellists on podium. Next question was asked by a LAW student doing course on study of human rights, that what is the essence of consent to minor? to which the panellist especially Dr. Gupte answered saying that in the west there is this concept of mature minor wherein the minor is given right to consent which will be soon implemented in India as well. Similarly few others also raised their question in regards to legal aspects in hospital which was satisfactorily answered by the group of panellists. Last but not the least the session ended by VOTE OF THANKS given by our very own Col. Dr. Vijay Deshpande, HOD of MBA HHM.

SUBMITTED BY- Samreen Wanjwarkar
                                Juhi Chugh

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