Monday, 22 June 2015

International Yoga day@Lavale

It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon. We the students of SIHS , MBA HHM  batch 2015-2017 were all waiting for the college buses in our SB campus.With colourful track pants and more colourful sports shoes( girls are more in number you see!!  ), We are all very excited. We were all going to the lavale campus  for the yoga day celebration and of course for some refreshing air. Under the supervision of the faculty , two buses filled with excited students headed towards Lavale at 1:35 pm. The journey was thrilling. We sang songs all the while, laughed to our hearts content and finally reached lavale.

As mesmerizing as it is always, the chills of the hills welcomed us. We were then taken into a hall with our respected dean Dr Rajiv Yervadekar.After a couple of running activities , we were all finally settled with a yoga mat. It was followed by a wonderful session by Dr Rajiv Yervadekar. He elaborated to
us the significance of the yoga day. For the next 30 minutes there was a meditation session.As the cold breeze of the hills swayed, we were all in the wave of self realization and mindfulness. It felt awesome.This was followed by another interactive session .it was fun filled and enriching.We had a
small sample of "India's got talent" where few of our classmates sang, danced and so on..It was break from the routine and a perfect stress buster.

After this we had 45 minutes of sightseeing. We went to the nearest canteen and ate the hot and spicy "chaats" .We then clicked loads and loads of pictures and even more "selfies"!!All we could here was "say cheese”!!” arrey ! mai bhi”!! “ye pic mast aaya  na”!!:). Adding to this there was a light drizzle of rain and 

Lavale hills looked its best during the rains!!!  Everything was so perfect!! Light drizzling rain, cold breeze and such natural beauty! Someone had rightly quoted" if there is heaven on earth , Lavale would definately be one of it"  . None of us wanted to leave.But the time was up. At 5:30 pm we all boarded back from Lavale to SB road.On the whole it was an enriching  ,funfilled  experience!! We all returned with memories in our heart,  a smiles on our faces and a hope to visit the mesmerizing hilltop again!! 

Ms. Rachan C Hegde

MBA HHM 2015-17 

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