Monday, 5 September 2016

Guest lecture on Gender Senstization by Dr. Renuka Mukadam

Dr. Renuka Mukadam is an independent Consultant and conducts training sessions on gender and sexual harassment in work place. Dr. Renuka delivered a guest lecture for SIHS studnets on 19th Aug' 2016. It was an interactive session of immense knowledge regarding gender equality and sexual harassment. The session not only taught the students about the laws regarding sexual harassment at work place but also explained how to deal with such situation. 

Her session included gender sensitisation, why students need to improve gender equality, to build perspective for intervention on sexual harassment at work place and many more topics like work ethics, interaction with colleagues, and protecting the personal space.

Live examples from our day to day lives were discussed. Importance and impact of social media on sexual harassment was also discussed and two way interaction was promoted.
All in all a very educating session!

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