Friday, 22 September 2017

Panache 2017 : Annual Sports & Cultural event held on 19-20 Sept,2017

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

As a child when I was in school I used to look forward to getting dressed up and dancing for what we then used to call ‘Annual Day’. We all have been fascinated by the dances, acts, singing and so many other cultural activities that used to help us survive those monotonous routines in schools. Haven’t we? Has anything changed from school to college life? ‘Only the name’ of the event. In our college life we call it ‘Cultural Festival’ or ‘College Festival’. Unlike earlier times when everything used to be fed to us like in a spoon to a baby, here we had to find the proper spoon all on our own and make sure what we are feeding the audiences and us is worth the entertainment, energy and time!

The most talked about Cultural Festival “Panache 2017’ this time was a big hit as well. It was amazing to see how all the students took sometime from their daily presentations, internals exams, lectures, bunking some lectures (ofcourse after making sure they get attendance :p) succeeded in putting up a great show. No wonder Symbiosis is a brand when it comes to showcasing its students academically, but no only academically even in the extracurricular activities they are no less. It sounds impossible but giving every student a fair chance to showcase what talent they have got and then pick the best out of them is what I feel the faculty and the college believes in.

Every student waits for this two day program where he/she can pick up their hobbies and portray them as their talent. The program this year lasted for two days but the memories made will be lasting forever. There was a recreation evening where students and faculties warmed up with an energetic Aerobics, Zumba and Bhangda dance. It was so energetic that trust me there was some global warming condition in the court. Also, the best of all was watching the faculties with all the pumped up weird pressurized forced faces to pull the rope and the opposite team towards their ends for the “tug of war”( Why should only students have all the fun;)). That event took the cake baker and the bakery in the department of fun and entertainment. Which student would want to miss out on such an activity! 

90% of the people reading this right now would be dance lovers. Am I right? I guess I am because I am one of those. So the next day was filled up with group dances and talent hunt where we saw how amazingly talented university-mates we have. On a theme like ‘Legends of India’ people came out with such great performances that it was a treat for the eyes to watch. Where one person sings pure classical and gives goosebumps and the other forces us to get up from our seats to dance. Now, how many of us know the song ‘Aj Jane ki Zidd na karo’? Okay some of us! And how many know who has sung it? Ummm I guess very few, right? So here at Symbiosis we have had our international students singing such songs with all the warmth and feel and concluding the song with a ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. That feeling of belonging and amalgamation with different countries is beautiful.

So, it brings me immense pleasure to have witnessed one such beautiful event with such wide variety of talents. Thanking the college to allow us to equally participate and focus on extra curricular activities. I am sure such events refresh the students and keep their creativity going on rather than just forcing them to study.No bragging but I feel proud to announce how the MBA HHM (17-19) batch brought home all the prizes in both the cultural events ;).

We all have that child in us who loves to do something apart from the routine. Something that gives her a space for recreation, something that keeps her refreshed throughout their academics and such events and activities by the college has absolutely helped us stay active and perform better for future. Thank you Symbiosis for such an unforgettable experience.

Vruti Trivedi

2017-19 Batch

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