Thursday, 13 December 2018

Healthcare IT- New Frontier

Healthcare IT- New Frontier

The guest lecture was conducted by Symbiosis Institute of Health Science, Pune on 13th of December, 2018.
The lecture  began with introduction of Dr. Neeta Bhatia. Ma’am is a senior healthcare consultant with a wide experience of over 16 years with extensive knowledge of US and Indian healthcare

Ma’am started the session by discussing about the big four firms- Amazon, Google, Apple and Uber. Then she moved by introducing about the transformation timeline in healthcare and its importance. Sir also mentioned that human body is also a source for big data. Ma’am also highlighted about the digitalization in healthcare, IOT, Big Data, Cognitive ability, real-time processing, hybrid cloud computing and block chain. Overall the session was interesting.
In the end, the felicitation was done by Dr. Meenal Kulkarni.

It was truly an enlightening session which taught the students, the importance of IT in healthcare and various trends emerging in the industry.

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