Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Guest lecture on "Digital health in India"

On 13th October, an ‘Ideation session’ was conducted for first year MBA HHM students by Dr. Rakesh Kapur. Dr. Kapur is a healthcare management consultant with more than 15 years of experience in managing and advising some of the best known hospitals, health insurance companies, Medical Technology enterprises and governments on ideation to exit.
 He has been the founder of Indian Express Healthcare Awards and FICCI healthcare awards and author of number of publications on healthcare delivery in India.

The entire session was interactive, where the students put up their views as to what was their understanding of digital health. Dr. Kapur took those points and steered the session towards more detailed and in-depth perspective on digital health. He stressed the use and need of digitalization of healthcare in India. He explained the 3 A’s in digitalization – Access, Assurance, Affordability.
 He demonstrated how insurance companies are investing in digitalization and how it affects their business. The current scenario is such that the country is facing a scarcity of eligible healthcare managers. Thus, he highlighted the necessity of able MBAs in future. Also, he kept the audience interested by asking many thought-provoking questions throughout the session.
Later, he asked the students to think of any idea, which according to them, will help in improving the current scenario of healthcare in India. Many creative ideas were given by the students. It included the ‘Zomato of healthcare’, which was applauded the most.

The session was concluded with the vast opportunities that lie ahead in this field of digitalization. Also, Dr. Kapur said that majority of the future healthcare managers will be working in the field of digital health by the time they end their careers.

Guest lecture Committee
MBA HHM 2015-17 

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