Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Leadership Development Session by Mr. Vishal Sharma, Director of Deloitte India

Leadership Development Session was for the First Year MBA HHM students of SIHS on the 9th of October. The session was led by Mr. Vishal Sharma, Director of Deloitte India.
Mr. Sharma had an interactive session with the class and the session comprised mostly of answering questions posed by the students.
Some of the questions asked by the crowd were:
- Honesty as an attribute as companies are focused on profitability
- Healthcare consultancy v/s other consultancies. What are its distinguishing factors?
- Projects in consultancy
- Knowledge vs soft skills
- Challenges in HC
- Consultancy in the Public health
Mr. Sharma addressed all the topics and gave us insights into the realm of Healthcare consultancy. He spoke about the issues like accessibility in healthcare and explained the sector wise divide within the vertical.

While he did talk about the consultancy sector as a whole the insights he gave regarding leadership were truly invaluable.
He said, if you are a leader you need to have the respect of your followers first. Leaders earn respect, they don’t command or demand it. To earn respect honesty, transparency and no discrepancy between what you say and what you do is vital. This is what makes a difference between a leader and a manager.

This is important in consultancy as when you are dealing with a client you need to put your ego aside and convince them to look at your point of view. Having your facts and supporting factors ready will assist you in this endeavour. This is what leads to long term success. Although in some situations, you may need to agree to disagree, it is important to retain a certain level of diplomacy at the time.
Lastly, a take away point was, when you look at any vertical of the healthcare sector, the striking difference is that here you deal with actual lives. Whatever you do makes a difference in people’s lives and hence we all hold a responsibility to be the best managers and leaders we can be.

Academic Committee
MBA HHM 15-17 

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