Thursday, 19 September 2013

Life @ SIHS

I was thinking to  blog some days back about ‘Life at SIHS’, I couldn’t think of any good thing. This lack of positivity may be blamed to the current period of internal assessment going on at SIHS, which is barring me from thinking any good of ‘life in general’. However, that’s no excuse, and that is definitely no barometer of measuring anything, I realize that.
Hence, I put on my thinking cap, and try to type down all my moments here in Symbiosis Institute Of Health Sciences ,the good, bad and ugly. (Pun intended.)

How do you explain your time spent with friends? Entertaining! How do you define the time spent in learning something new and being in absolute awe of it for weeks? Thrilling! How would you narrate your experience of learning something new about  a city that you as a kid, used to relate just in terms of National Defence Academy (Pardon my Army background connotations here)? Absolutely Fulfilling! And that exactly, has been my experience so far!

It’s here at SIHS, that I feel good about my decision of leaving the Capital Delhi, and coming to a lesser-known-but-equally-exciting city of Pune, or as localities call it Poona! It’s here that I realize the value of each Sunday that passes, each Sunday- a day that I count for myself. It’s here that I look forward in ‘being busy’!

One may criticize the way things work here, throw tantrums of not being able to think anything out of the institute, or probably in a more cooler way of saying things, ‘Not having a life’ ; but I beg to differ.

This place has given me different kinds of opportunities in terms of MBA as well. To remember my few Highs- The Warkarievent, the rice plantation day, the BDC street play, my ISIL session (Brand Modi),the trek to Symbi hill and so on and so forth. Had it not been for this Institute, I would have never been able to get into ground level and understand the importance of good communication skills and importance of management, or lack of it.

Life is how you make it. SIHS has probably given me friends for life, to say the least. I have found myself a bunch of retarded souls , who believe in balancing both good work and enjoyment. They are the kinds that parents would approve of, other kids would envy . They are the reason of my personal growth. I’m literally learning languages with them. A poor Mallu that I call myself, is now being made accustomed to both Marathi and Gujarati. The loyal Delhi-ite in me is now, also giving Mumbai a chance(Courtesy them). I’m learning about different cultures ,different customs, different lives altogether; With them, about them! Okay enough bragged about them. But like I said, bunch of retarded souls.

And I suppose, that is how life should be. You can’t quantify or qualify life. It’s just supposed to taken, with a pinch of salt. And the last 3 months in SIHS, feels like a lifetime in itself. I am glad, I came.

As submitted by Purnima S


  1. Fab!!!!! To the mother of all retarded souls,hats off!!!!! Proud of u<3