Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Requisite Skill-set from Healthcare Management Professionals

Healthcare management professionals facilitate patient care by managing the delivery of healthcare services, promoting comprehensive healthcare policies, and refining business processes thus impacting the overall performance of healthcare providers. Capable healthcare management professionals aid the feasibility of the industry by guaranteeing compliance with the various regulations and ensuing best practices for healthcare organisations. 

Healthcare management professionals must possess knowledge of basic accounting and financial principles and the means to apply them within their respective organisations. They must be familiar with software commonly used by healthcare organisations, including patient registration, the billing and payment system, generating reports and other duties.Being aware of the rules and regulations of the industry is essential in ensuring the healthcare organisation is compliant with all standard operating procedures.

Such individuals must be capable of making timely and effective decisions and possess excellent communication and organisation skills for healthcare management.

Healthcare management professionals may work in administrative, managerial, executive or other posts. It is through their efforts and capabilities that patients can be provided considerate treatment in state-of-the-art facilities and an overall positive healthcare experience. 

Individuals who elect to pursue a career in healthcare management are likely to have considerate and kind personalities, and the aspiration to help others. This desire, collectively with a natural predisposition towards leadership and the ability to apply organisational measures, helps achieve the finest results. Effective healthcare professionals remain well-informed of the various advancements in technology and progressive techniques in the dynamic industry of healthcare management. It is through their skills and awareness that both, employees and patients are provided with a positive environment.

Healthcare management professionals are also essential to the operation of the commercial aspect of the organisation. They are tasked with ensuring their organisation remains functional and prosperous by offering desirable services at competitive prices by leading medical personnel.

Healthcare managers must:
a. Ascertain the viability of the organisation’s medical, operational and monetary foundation to provide services to its patients and the community.
b. Collaborate with other medical personnel to provide the highest quality of care.
c. Educate the community and its leader regarding essential healthcare measures.
d. Provide precise and timely information where necessary.

Further Healthcare managers need to:
Ensure that their facilities have a strong medical, operational, and financial foundation in order to serve the needs of patients and communities.
Partner with all medical professionals to provide the best in quality care.
Help by communicating the importance of health issues to community members and leaders.
Ensure their organizations provide accurate and timely information about public threats in times of crisis in addition to regular emergency and on going care.

Hence healthcare managers need to be skilled communicators, be accountable in leading the organisation, and be capable of strategic planning, budgeting, marketing and other human resource related responsibilities.
Like any other organisation, healthcare is dependent upon its leaders to make solid business decisions to continue providing quality services whilst keeping the organisation competitive and profitable. Leaders must understand the requirements of providing quality health care, and the necessities in meeting financial targets and in remaining compliant with insurance and government policies, while ensuring the organisation’s future.

Dr. Rajiv Yeravdekar
Dean, Faculty of Health & Biomedical Sciences, Symbiosis International University (SIU)
Ex. Member, Board of Governors - Medical Council of India (MCI), Govt. of India
Member, Governing Council of Consultancy Development Centre, (CDC), Govt. of India
Member, Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC), Govt. of Maharashtra
Member, Maharashtra Nursing Council (MNC), Govt. of Maharashtra

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