Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Leadership Development Series 2014

“Leaders aren’t born, they are made.”
This statement is being upheld in its truest sense, for the first time in the SIHS campus, in the form of ‘Leadership Development Series 2014’, an initiative by the placement team 2014.

The series brings together different stalwarts of the healthcare industry, who have achieved immensely in their field of expertise, to come and share their valuable insights into the reality of the industry with the students. The sixth session of the ‘Leadership development series’ was presided over by Dr. Ravindra Banpel, Regional team leader – west, National Polio Surveillance project –WHO, who enlightened the students on ‘Global Health: Present – Future and Challenges’.   

The guest speaker appreciated the efforts put in by the students to make posters on different healthcare verticals, exhibiting their creativity and enthusiasm. He was then felicitated by Brig. Dr. Anil Pandit, Professor, SIHS. Dr. Shuchita Agarwal, student, MBA – HHM (2013 -15) received applaud and felicitation from Dr. Ravindra Banpel for having won the first place in paper presentation at healthcare conference held at ASCI, Hyderabad.

Dr. Ravindra Banpel educated the students to widen their views on healthcare as a whole and especially public health. He advocated that health is not to be looked in isolation but as a field with complex interactions with other domains. He further discussed the current global health scenario highlighting that the major achievement in global health was increase in life expectancy at birth by 6 years since 1990. The discussion revealed that public health challenges outnumbered the achievements so far.
The countries of the world are faced by two major problem statements; Unfinished agenda and additive burden. While most underdeveloped countries are in the domain of unfinished agenda, the middle income countries are fronting the additive burden. Optimal utilization of available domestic and International resources is a key solution to the problems. Most importantly, political will plays a significant role in shaping the country’s healthcare progress.
The students were keen to understand progress of Indian healthcare in spite of the numerous public health challenges, which was addressed by the speaker during the question and answer session. The students were also curious to know how they could contribute to the future of public health.
Dr. Ravindra Banpel concluded his motivating session with a note of praise for the Father of epidemiology and enthused the students to innovate and be drivers of change in the sphere of public health.
The session ended with the address by Ms. Devika Shetty, Head Training and Placement, SIHS who quoted Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam’s words on the importance of character in attaining Knowledge.

Where there is righteousness, there Is beauty of character;
Where there is character, there is harmony;
Where there is harmony, there is order;

Where there is order, there is peace

Team Placements 

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