Monday, 15 September 2014


Leaders become great not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others”- the fourth session of Leadership Development Series had the privilege of having Mr. Nitin Deshpande, President, ALLSCRIPTS, India, a leader with similar personality as its thought leader. 

The session took a kick start with the launch of SIHS e-newsletter by Dr.Rajiv Yeravadekar, Dean, Faculty of Bio-medical and Health Sciences and Mr.Nitin Deshpande- an initiative by the students of MBA-HHM (2014-2016) ,conceptualized by Ms. Meenal Kulkarni.

Mr. Deshpande is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations of the India entity of Allscripts. He joined the company in early 2007, when he set up the Pune office for the erstwhile Eclipsys Corporation, which merged into Allscripts in 2010.He has helped the company grow the operations from about 100 to over 1900 in a little over 5 years. With a brief introduction and felicitation to Mr.Deshapnde, the Leadership Development Series progressed to its fourth session.

The session was taken forward by Mr. Nitin Deshpande by enlighting the students on the topic- “Global Trends In Healthcare IT”.

The global healthcare challenges were discussed which according to the speaker were as follows:
·         Growing /aging population- which is expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2050.
·         Provider shortage- the doctor – patient ratio in India at present  is 0.6:1000 population which needs immediate attention.
·         Prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases which by 2030 is expected to be the leading cause of death.
·        Rising cost of healthcare- which is expected to reach $14 trillion by 2021.
He also emphasized on the point that the United States Of America is trying to have a paradigm shift from Accountable Care Organization to Fee For Value and that the World GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is half percent and it is expected to grow upto 12% and to be able to achieve this healthcare technology becomes important.
He also highlighted on five Global Healthcare IT (Information technology) trends which are the following:
·         Telehealth
·         Mobile Health
·         Social Media
·         Information Clarity
·         Real Time Networking

This was followed by an interactive session wherein the excited batch of MBA-HHM (2013-2015) students had their queries cleared on taking up Healthcare IT as a profession. 

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