Sunday, 2 August 2015

Blood Donation Campaign Report - Campaigning Team

The aim of blood donation campaign was to generate awareness on Blood Donation and highlight its significance in saving lives during emergencies. Symbiosis center for healthcare organizes a Blood Donation Camp every year in collaboration with many Blood Banks. The campaign organised by Symbiosis center for Healthcare, in co-operation with various Blood Banks gathered a large number of Staff and students who voluntarily donated their blood for the Symbiosis Blood Donation Camp 2015.
Ever since the date for the blood drive was announced, along with SCHC doctors, students worked very hard to promote this blood drive amongst the students  of symbiosis college to participate and donate blood.  We the students of MBA HHM 2015-17 were involved in a campaign committee where we had to perform a skit at different campuses of symbiosis. Some of our batchmates were selected for voice modulation for the skit and had the opportunity to record at symbiosis studios Lavale. The campaigning team Group 2 were assigned Lavale, Vimannagar and Hinjewadi Campus for performing the skit.

It was a wonderful experience spreading awareness and motivating the students.  Besides performing skit, we also promoted the drive by holding the posters with different slogans like DONATE BLOOD SAVE LIFE and encouraged as many students as possible in campus, canteen and mess.  As a result, there was an overwhelming response from the donors with their participation in this noble cause. The teaching and non teaching staff donated their blood along with the students after undergoing pre-screening medical tests that cleared them for donation.
In order to acknowledge each donor for their contribution, donors were distributed certificates provided by the respective blood banks.  They were also provided with complimentary gifts. A total of 1898 Blood Bags were collected from all the campuses of Symbiosis University. Many of our members also donated blood, and became part of the Elite Donor Club.

 Campaigning Team 
MBA HHM -2015-17

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