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 The three day training session was held i.e13th,15th and 17th July 2015 for MBA-HHM batch 2015-17.
The sessions were taken by Miss Christine D.Patham who has a vast experience in marketing with many reputed companies,after which she moved  to work as an HRD trainer, which was a paradigm shift in her career. Here she realised that she wanted to do something more than just being in a desk job decided  to take her passion as a trainer . The sessions were based on various topics involving the overall personality development.

This was first session , emphasis was on                                        
Ø  Realisation and increased potential
Ø  Credibility,                                                                 
Ø  Enhancing leadership role                                
Ø  Strengthening morality                              
Ø  Ethics for future.
The elevator pitch concept was the new idea of introduction we learnt, which helped us define ourselves in 60seconds in a short and crisp way, which can be used on meeting someone for the first time and also introduction.
This tool is well used in interviews where most of the time interview panel start with OK -
“ So please tell us some thing about you”
Second emphasis was on basic etiquettes of greeting
Ø  Firm hand shake,
Ø  conversing in a polite yet confident tone
Ø  Pitch of communication
Ø  Warm smile on our face
Ø  All this can make a lot of difference when we interact with someone.
In the second half she gave us the activity on imagination –
“Keeping our eyes closed and imagining the sky.”
After the beautiful imagination came the surprising meanings behind the visions which gave an insight to what our basic nature is.
The second activity was on the type of personality, various questions were put forward and the results stood for the different types of personalities according to the human psychology.
The second session was held on 15h July, where we were told the importance of being a good listener and how we tend to misinterpret things by not paying attention or not being able to understand what a person says.
The emphasis of a word and how it changes the interpretation of an entire statement was something to wonder about!
The next topic she spoke of was the importance of having a good dressing sense.
Smart managers should not only talk smart but also look smart.The first impression which is created is always by what we wear and how we carry ourselves, examples of how appropriate clothing plays a major role in judging people and it should be according to the occasion.
Dining etiquettes was something which was one of the most interesting topics of the day, where she helped us know the American and British styles of dining using various cutlery and glasses too.
The second Half was about stress management where we were introduced to the terms “eustress” (positive stress”) and “distress” (negative stress).She explained how worrying about future and fear of repeating mistakes of the past can result in stress.We got encouraged for not regretting over the past and learning from mistakes by getting rid of our weakness.
This was followed by a series of stress awareness tests which helped us understand the reactions we give on certain situations and how satisfied we are from our profession and work.
The day ended with a very inspiring and indeed heart touching video of Nick Vujicic, who taught us the importance of life and that we should seize the day with beautiful memories and live each day with high spirits and joy.
The third and last day was on time management when we had been asked to imagine what we would do if we had Rs.86,400 with us.The class spent the next 5 minutes fantasizing about the huge amount of money,at the end of which we got to know that those were the number of seconds we had in a day and the things we chose to do with the money were the ways we chose to spend our entire day.A quick realisation of this fact followed a set of tests which gave us an insight of how much we value time and how we can manage our day better by changing a few things.
In the second half we were given the example of Steven Covey’s “90/10 Principle” which talks about how we can simplify our life by only changing our reactions to the situations, if not being able to stop them from happening.
This was followed by “Steven Covey’s Urgency Index” test which stood by the principle of “First Things First”.
After this she spoke of the Biorhythm or Biological Clock and said that everyone has their “peaks” and “troughs” of energy throughout the day.This was followed by a talk on-
Ø  Team building& team work help us understand the importance of team work
Ø  One leader in a team and team member are equally important
Ø  Role of co-ordination- important role in teamwork
Ø  Case study which ended the session.
Sessions like these are not only been informative, but also interactive where we learnt a lot of things which may not be a part of our academics, but are essential qualities which will help us transform fromMBA graduates into  “SMART MANAGERS”.
These are the values which we need to inculcate in ourselves that will make us responsible and reliable and through which we will understand how to prioritize things and deal with situations which will make us stronger and successful in every walk of life
“Through practicing and adopting them as a way of life.”
We, batch of MBA-HHM 2015-17 look forward to have more of such sessions which will help us grow beyond the bounds of our limitations and build our confidence.

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MBA HHM 2015-17 

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