Thursday, 20 August 2015

“Leadership Development Series” 2015 - GUEST LECTURE BY MR ASEEM GARG

The much awaited and inspiring “Leadership Development Series 2015 ” had begun in Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences. Our    esteemed   guest of the day , Mr Aseem  Garg ,marked the beginning of this series. Mr Aseem Garg, CEO and founder of DCDC is an alumni of IIM , Bangalore. He is a successful entrepreneur   , a visionary and a dynamic leader.


The venue of the lecture was at Vishwabhawan   Auditoruim.  A hall was filled with enthusiastic, ambitious students   waiting   for the inspiring sessions. The programme   began with our HOD , Col Dr Vijay Deshpande giving his thoughts on vision driven leadership. He defined vision in as simple words as “the answer   to  where  do you see yourself in future”. He emphasized on the fact that it is very important to know where   we want to reach. His short talk was very powerful and gave us an insight on what the further session would be on.

Next we had our placement head Ms    Devika   Shetty   introducing our esteemed guest and inviting him to the Dias. The much humble and smiling   , Mr   Aseem   Garg  addressed us on entrepreneurship. In simple words it refers to taking up an idea, developing a concept around it and starting a business. It is the journey to unknown. Inspite of belonging to a business background, Mr Aseem resisted all the pressure to join the family business. His zeal to do something different landed him in engineering and then an MBA in IIM  , Bangalore. The passion in him prevented him from taking up a high paying bank job which most of his peers would have preferred. He had already developed a business plan. Though he was not very sure of the journey, his destination was decided. He wanted to start a chain of dialysis centers   which was by then a very new concept   in India. In spite of all the discouragement he received from his peers, he still believed in his idea. As   rightly said   “where    there is a will, there is a way”. He managed to get a job at National Kidney Foundation, which was by then nurturing a chain of dialysis centers. After that there was no looking back for him. Hard work, determination and the zeal to achieve has made him reach the position he rightly and proudly holds now. His brainchild DCDC , now successful 68 centers and is venturing with pace to its 100th one.    


The lesson of life that Mr   Aseem   Garg   shared had so much to learn from. He made us realize that   not everything in the universe can be controlled by us. Life is not only to those who are gifted.  He explained it beautifully by giving example of Karana and Arjun from Mahabharata. As rightly explained by him “life is a race, some ahead of us and some behind us .All we need to do is catching up with the guy ahead of us and making sure that we are ahead of the people behind us. He made us realize how important it is to have a vision .If we have a vision and the passion to fulfill it, no one can stop us from achieving it. The session ended with Ms Devika Shetty’s   quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.

On the whole it was a very enriching and inspiring session. At the end of the session we were all motivated to realize our passion in life . We never know what we are capable of as long as we try. Success only comes to those who dared   to dream. The future is uncertain, but it is full of hopes and opportunities. As Paulo Coelho rightly said “When you really want something in life  , the entire universe will help you in conspiring it”

And this indeed was true for Mr Aseem Garg

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